We love a good track day, even more so when it’s testing the latest Audi Sport 2018 Range. Lucky for us, Audi was kind enough to host us at The Bend Motorsport Park, the latest state-of-the-art motorsport facility located in Adelaide, Australia. As it turns out, our previous and ‘first’ experience at The Bend here didn’t count, as we weren’t able to utilise the entire track; something we put to the test this time around with Audi. The day consisted of a number of activities designed to enhance our skills and put these beautiful cars through their paces. We were broken up into groups and off we went.

Hot Laps in the Audi R8

Testing Audi’s flagship sports car, the R8, had is grinning ear to ear. The engines vary, from in-line fives, to V6s, to V8s and all the way to the R8’s Lamborghini-sourced naturally-aspirated V10. When you’re wide open on a racetrack with these beastly machines, you never want to get out. Our lap times were over in the flash of a second, leaving us yearning for more.


Here we had a chance to test the Audi TTRS and RS4 Avant’s tight cornering and agility on a wet and dry mini track. One thing which was so impressive was the handling and how the Quattro AWD delivers just the right amount of torque to the right wheel at any given corner. Gripping and holding power with ease. Myself personally, the RS4 is a major winner.


While many believe AWD cars are ‘’less fun’’, you are still able to throw the car out when required. We tested this on a wet track in the Audi RS5, one of the sleekest cars in their impressive lineup, which heavily competes against the BMW M4 and AMG C 63 S.

We’ve always said at Man of Style, some of our favourite road cars right now are the Audi RS4 / RS6 Avant. They’re the perfect combination of sport and practicality; and right now, nothing comes close to changing our opinions.

Seeing these cars which are made for the roads, on a racetrack cracking blistering speeds and cornering like race cars makes us want to purchase one. We may or may not have spent the next 30 minutes on Carsales at the airport.