There are few greater feelings than cruising top down in a sports car. Even fewer when it’s along the coast of Byron Bay, Australia. This year, we were invited to test drive the latest Mazda MX-5 RF GT, a thoughtfully redesigned, 2-seater with impressive agility and handling. Oh, and the best part, a hardtop convertible roof. 

Watego's Beach Byron Bay Mazda Mx-5

The Mazda MX-5 Design

It’s a beautifully designed car, no doubt. Driving through the winding coastal roads of Byron Bay felt like a match made in heaven. With the sea breeze brushing through our hair, we were happy to be driving the RF, the hardtop variant of the Mx-5 which power-raises and lowers the roof with the press of a button.

As we checked into our Instagram-worthy hotel, Halcyon House, we could see the parallels between this beautiful car and our lodging. The interior of the Mx-5 is clean and simple, just as it should be, and the external lines shape this car in a sporty yet elegant way.

Mazda Halcyon House

The performance

In 2018, there’s a little more oomph. Powered by a naturally aspirated V6, the engine takes this car from 0-100 in 6.5 seconds. We drove the 6spd manual, It was tight, the gear changes are precise and snappy and thanks to the limited-slip differential, there’s enhanced acceleration on slippery roads and out of tight corners. The Mazda Mx-5 continues to stick to their roots by powering the car with the rear wheels.

2018 Mazda Mx 5 CollageThe experience

While a 2-seater convertible isn’t for everyone, we can see this geared for those who like to live a little. Those who prefer the scenic route, and those who like to do it in style. It’s the perfect weekend car for those spontaneous trips to the beach, countryside or holiday house. Being in a convertible, you’re a part of the experience; you hear more, smell more, and ultimately, feel more with the breeze.

The car is fun and it’s quite an enjoyable ride. The Mx-5 is one of the lightest cars on the road, meaning it’s incredibly responsive through corners, exactly what you’d want from a Drivers car.

Byron Bay Mazda Mx-5

The caveats

The Mazda Mx-5 is a small car, really small. This means limited space all over. It’s enough for a couple of weekend bags but certainly no more. The headroom is tight and the trunk space is inexistent (130L)- but, what did you expect?

Mazda Mx-5 Boot

With the base model starting at $33,400, it’s an affordable car that’s sure to impress. However, the version we spent the week with is priced from $45,210.