If there has ever been a better time to spoil your Dad, it certainly should be this September 6th – Father’s Day! Although an odd year to say the least, Father’s Day 2020 is a great opportunity to rally the troops and celebrate the guy that undoubtedly does so much for you.

But what to get the Dad that a). has it all, or b). doesn’t want anything? Well, here at Man of Style, we have a range of Dad’s that keep up to date with our content, so we’ve learnt a thing or two about what they favour along the way.

Whether he is the classic kind-of Dad, or perhaps an adventurist at heart, we’ve compiled a list of goodies we know he’ll love – and will earn you some ‘golden-child’ points in the process.

Here is our 2020 Man of Style Gift Guide. But be sure to order your gift in time for the big day, guys!


Luca Faloni Cable Knit

Luca Faloni is no stranger to the Man of Style family, and one that you should very firmly become acquainted with if you haven’t already. A true Italian artisan, Luca Faloni crafts menswear staples that Dad won’t be able to live without. Think cashmere cable knits and rollnecks, beautiful Italian linen shirts and a range of leather accessories, plus more.

Dad will be looking his best all season long!

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Luca Faloni


Tod’s No_Code X Sneakers

Should Dad love his sneakers, he’ll no doubt be enthralled with Tod’s newest luxury sneaker range, No_ Code X. Designed by Korean Industrial Designer, Yong Bae Seok and made by skilled artisans, this sneaker collection is an informal sneaker designed to be a versatile hybrid shoe made from the highest quality materials – perfect for the weekend!

The ‘X’ has been added to the name as a graphic reference, being a cross of two lines, to represent both the connection between technology and craftsmanship and the classic Italian shoe and the informal sneaker.

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Tod's No_Code X


Pacifico Optical, ‘Shades of Europe’ Collection

For the Dad with the burning sense of wanderlust, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate gift than a pair of sunglasses from Australia’s Pacifico Optical, who recently launched their Italian-inspired ‘Shades of Europe‘ collection.

The new collection is inspired by the Italian coastline (think Mediterranean hues), introducing new styles like Lucius, which is a firm favourite of the Man of Style team. Each new pair takes their names from the streets of Bondi beach, with each frame made from a high-quality gloss acetate, finished in a range of bold colours.

We’re sure Dad will be all over these sunnies all-year-round, and when he next gets the chance to travel, you can be sure they’ll be the first thing he goes for when packing.

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Pacifico Optical


Philips DiamondClean 9000 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

We all know the brushing your teeth can be somewhat of a tedious task, but it’s something we all have to do, right? Well, we’d be hard-pressed to find a reason as to never brushing our teeth again, thanks to the new Philips DiamondClean 9000 Sonic electric toothbrush. In other words, it’s the tesla of the toothbrush world.

More than just elegant, stylish looks, the DiamondClean 9000 is a teeth-whitening wizard that is hard on all the nasty build-ups in your mouth, but gentle in all the important areas. Supporting whiter teeth in just one day (crazy, we know), the DiamonClean 9000 is ultimately a tailored, personalized brushing tool that will ensure your Dad is in tip-top shape with his teeth cleaning game.

With four different brushing modes and intensities set to appease even the toughest brusher, we’re sure Dad will love this gift.

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Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000


Gillette Heated Razor 

If you haven’t seen this new grooming tool floating around the net, Dad will be in for a treat. Just this year, Gillette launched the world’s first Heated Razor, which is now an award-winning grooming product.

Essentially, this heated shaver delivers the warmth and sensation of a hot towel shave at the push of a button. Having personally tested the Gillette Heated Razor, we can safely say that it actually works!

With a push of a button, you can easily choose between two levels of heat to achieve optimal comfort based on your own preferences. It also features Gillette’s most advanced, thinnest, and finest blades to provide incredible comfort, knowing Dad is in safe hands each and every time he shaves.

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Gillette Heated Razor


Theragun Elite

For those who do any form of exercise on a regular basis, the Theragun can only be described in two words: game-changer. You would have seen it all over the web, used by some of the world’s most recognised athletes and sporting teams. But more than that, Theragun is for the everyday person!

Theragun is the ultimate tool in sports recovery, designed and founded by Dr. Jason Wersland after he suffered a severe motorcycle accident. What he found post-accident was that regular physiotherapy wasn’t cutting it, so he decided to take things into his own hands.

The result? The Theragun.

Whether Dad’s a walker, runner, gym-goer or all-round fitness freak, he’ll find use in the muscle recovery properties in one of the new generations Theragun products, like the Elite, now available.

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Theragun Elite


Beats by Dre – Powerbeats Pro

If wholesome sound and music is a big part of your Dad’s DNA, then he will absolutely love the new Powerbeats Pro from Beats By Dre. The new wireless Powerbeats Pro are sleek and stylish, fitting seamlessly into your day-to-day – be it the work commute or the fitness route.

You can expect up to nine hours of continuous battery life (24 hours with the wireless charging case), sweat and water resistance, adjustable ear hooks for a secure fit and seamless connection with your Apple products. Above all, experience full, professional sound that any music lover can appreciate. Marketed as high-performance workout earphones, it’s pro sound that meets pro performance.

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PowerBeats Pro



Have you ever been in the situation when you want to crack a memorable bottle of wine but perhaps don’t want to finish –  and waste – the bottle in one sitting? Well, thanks to Coravin – a wine lovers dream – you can now simply insert, tip, and pour as much wine as you desire, then save the rest of the bottle for weeks, months, or years!

That’s the Coravin claim, and it’s one that sounds too good to be true. But rest assured, this device is the real deal. Now utilised by some of the top sommeliers and restaurants in the country and around the world, Coravin is soon to become a household name.

If Dad appreciates a good drop, he’ll love this device.

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Coravin Australia


NOMAD Grills

Whether Dad is a seasoned professional on the BBQ or simply enjoys a good cook-up, this is one must-have item that every Dad needs in his cooking arsenal.

NOMAD Grills is a truly portable barbeque grill and smoker designed for effortless cooking on the go – take your NOMAD Grill from the backyard to beach, – and everywhere in between – with little to no effort.

When looking at the NOMAD Grill, you know immediately that it means business. From its weapons-grade grilling to its multi-layer construction and patent-pending SurfaceSafe technology, what you get is a grill that helps to keep outside shell temperatures remarkably low — enabling Dad to set up on many unconventional surfaces!

What can be achieved on this grill is truly up to your imagination: think juicy, perfectly-cooked steaks, pork, lamb, seafood.. the list goes on. Happy grilling (and happy eating)!

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NOMAD Grills


Acqua di Parma 

Since 1916, Acqua di Parma has graced the bathrooms of some of the world’s most notable style icons – think Cary Grant, David Noven and Jude Law just to name a few.

So, we think it’s only fitting that you get your grooming-minded Dad acquainted with Acqua di Parma’s newest collection of fragrances, Signatures of the Sun.

Our favourite from the new collection (and one Dad will love)? Oud – an intense, bold and refined fragrance that captures the essence of the Acqua di Parma brand, and one that is appropriate all-year round.

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Acqua di Parma


Rado Captain Cook Bronze 

This year, luxury Swiss watch brand Rado released its highly anticipated Captain Cook Bronze timepiece, and we think it would make for the perfect sentimental gift for Dad this Father’s Day. Sitting at 42mm on the wrist, it features an automatic calibre movement with 80+ hour power reserve, beautiful ceramic bezel – a staple design feature of the Rado house – a screw-down crown and comes in eitther green, blue or brown colourway.

The Captain Cook Bronze is defined by its unique bronze patina, which is all the rage in the watch world at the moment. To finish, it’s adorned by a beautiful leather strap.

We think it makes for the perfect timepiece for Dad’s collection, and will look especially good on the weekend out and about.

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Rado Captain Cook Bronze


Oakley Cycling 

There’s no doubt that a percentage of our readers have a cyclist for a Dad. You know, the lycra-going type. No judgement here, we’re all for it. As such, we know that the team at Oakley Australia make killer cycling kits that will not only get Dad from A to B in comfort but in style, too.

From Oakley’s patented Prizm-technology sunglasses – a must-have for any serious cyclist – to their new aerodynamic, waterproof cycling jacket, Oakley’s sporting range is envied by all athletes, and this cycling range is no exception.

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Oakley Cycling


GoPro Seeker Backpack  

If Dad is the thrillseeker type of guy, there’s no doubt that he owns a GoPro. Whether he does or not, the GoPro Seeker Backpack is the ultimate accessory for any adventurist. Designed to go hand-in-hand with a GoPro unit, this backpack can be used on hikes, ski trips, bike rides, travelling, daily commutes and everything in between. With a myriad of practical features and compartments, it’s the perfect accessory to house all your valuables in a safe and easy way.

The Seeker Backpack features an updated 18-litre design with a padded laptop sleeve, plus more space for your personal gear, GoPro cameras, accessories and more.

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GoPro Seeker


Lavazza Espresso Barista 

Lavazza has launched its most premium coffee bean range, the Espresso Barista, which any coffee-drinking Dad will love this Father’s Day.

The new collection is Lavazza’s most premium range of beans available which hopes to offer a whole new experience to coffee drinkers, bridging the gap between homebrew and barista-quality coffee.

The secret to Espresso Barista’s quality is in its creation. All beans are specially selected and slow drum
roasted to provide the ultimate flavour for all coffee types – from double espressos to cappuccinos. What results is a professional barista-level crema which is more balanced, smoother and boasts a more complex aromatic profile.

Created for coffee aficionados who use an automatic or semi-automatic machine, or even an old-school cafetiere set up, get Dad making cafe-grade coffees in no time!

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Lavazza Coffee


Ari & May Fine Tea Co

If Dad isn’t a coffee drinker, why not entice him with a great cuppa – but with a twist. Ari & May Fine Tea Co is a tea brand with a difference, positioned as a high-end, luxury tea brand with an incredible tea selection. All tea is ethically sourced, organic (where possible), always chemical and lead-free and are hand-blended and packaged in Australia.

They boast a great range of tea flavours, sourced from some of the most remote locations in the world. Our favourite? The ‘Darjeeling First Flush Estate’ which comes from the highest altitudes of India’s Darjeeling region, famous for its abundance of flavours and renowned as the ‘champagne of tea’.

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Ari & May Fine Tea Co

Be sure to shop in time for Father’s Day, Sunday, September 6th!