Too often we get excited by the shiny objects in our lives — a new car, new clothes, vintage furniture. Few times we actually think about investing in ourselves (and I mean literally). 

After being fed up with glasses that were intrinsically a part of my identity for the past decade, I embarked on some online research for eye surgery, which I’d heard many stories about. 

Read on for why this was the best $5000 I’d ever spent, and why it’s far less intense than you actually think. 

Why I got it

I can’t tell you how many glasses I’ve broken / destroyed over the years. They’re an inconvenience at best. 

Now, I’m actually able to see when playing sports. As an avid cyclist, a custom pair of Oakley’s set you back nearly $1000…. Vs the non custom pair that are 1/10th that. Over the years, it’s probably cheaper for a set of new eyes! 

How it works 

The whole process is incredibly simple. You go in for an initial consultation and they take a bunch of measurements on your eyes.

There are three general ways to get eye surgery, you don’t need to understand the technology, but you do need to understand which is most relevant to you. I opted for the latest technology which was Lasik PRK, as this was best for people who are active and play contact sports. The doctors will advise you which is most suitable given your unique circumstances. 

On surgery day, you’ll take some basic medications, sit in a chair, they’ll put some eye X on you to keep your eyes open. You’ll stare at a dot while this insane device operates on your eyes for no more than 30 seconds. Then it’s done. Game over. 2020 vision. 

Not quite. 

Recovery is a solid week until you feel good, and then a few more weeks after that where you should take it easy (no hard core exercise). You will need a ‘’carer’’ for the first 3 days while you’re conked out on medications. 

But after that, boom. You’ll start seeing with insane clarity. Your eyes will feel funny for a bit, and find it hard to focus, but it’s completely normal during this period. 

And 3 months in (at the time of writing this article), I wondered why I didn’t get it earlier. After 3 follow ups, my eyes are better than 2020 vision. Yes, you heard it here. I can see it too. 

For anyone who has average eyesight, it’s a far easier fix than you think. We chose Meadownick in Melbourne, which is by far the best and most reputable. We can’t praise them highly enough and the service is truly world class. All the way from the initial consultation to the monthly check ups.

From what I hear, there are also payment plans so it doesn’t hit you in one. 

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