You could wander past The Pilgrm without even knowing it was there. And that’s the beauty of it.

In a time of the great unknown, where international travel is on the table and then off the table, this 73-room design hotel is the perfect place for your next staycation.

The Pilgrm is tucked away down a side street from Paddington Station, not far from the lush surrounds of Hyde Park and the Serpentine Gallery, with Marylebone within striking distance.

The thing about The Pilgrm is it doesn’t resemble anything like a traditional hotel. There is no grand entrance or a lobby. In fact, there isn’t even a front desk. Instead, a laptop is propped up on a small side table.

But that’s the point.

Staying at The Pilgrm is like staying in a home away from home. Picture the house where your aunt who wrote for Vogue and had a holiday house in the south of France used to live. This is it. Although we think she might have had a problem with the spelling of this hotel, even if we think it’s quite clever.

The hotel was brought to life three years ago and comprises four Victorian townhouses woven together with three wings.

There is a mahogany staircase in the centre of the hotel that took more than 300 hours of intensive labour to resuscitate.

And then there are the plants, the many, many plants that require a full-time gardener or horticulturist to maintain. At least we presume that’s the case. How else could they possibly maintain hundreds of philodendrons, devil’s ivy and monstera deliciosa?

When you peer into the hotel from the street, the 200-year old grand staircase is the only clear sign that this place is anything other than a stunning looking café.

But once you glide up the stairs, shortly after enjoying a silky smooth flat white upon arrival, the charm of this hotel hits you.

There is The Lounge on the first floor which is perfect for a late morning brunch after a sleep in, amongst the plants, the lights and thought-provoking artwork hanging on the walls.

Then there is the simple elegance of the bedroom. The fluffy white bed, the plush carpets that speak to the child within you and the Victorian-style bathrooms that take you back in time.

If you are looking for room service with white gloves and conventional amenities, this is not the place for you.

But if you are craving travel, just like us, during this uncertain moment in our lives, we couldn’t recommend a staycation in this corner of London more highly.