Chadstone – The Fashion Capital – has now added a new brand to its ever-growing repertoire of luxury stores and boutiques.

Kennedy, Australia’s leading luxury watch and jewellery retailer, has opened its fourth flagship boutique store in Australia; this time, in the newly-established luxury precinct at Chadstone – The Fashion Capital.

And what better way to do so than to coincide with the launch of the all new Rolex Daytona. The Man of Style team were on the ground running to witness the intimate launch of this luxury collaboration.

Guests were able to recently witness the story behind the legendary Rolex Daytona through a special exhibition which ran through March at the new Kennedy boutique. To say we were impressed by the outcome would be an understatement.


Founded in 1976, Kennedy had a passion to curate the world’s best timepieces and jewellery. Providing a luxurious and memorable retail experience to all of its clientele, Kennedy can now do so at their new flagship location at Chadstone – with what is the Southern hemisphere’s largest retail mecca.