Anything But Square is a month-long festival held in Fed Square between the 25th of July to the 25th of August. During this month, you’ll find a host of activations, activities and installations designed to excite the senses and promote art and culture.

Ahead of the program, we were invited to the first event, Sensory Underground. Let’s set the scene…

An immersive dining experience held underneath Platform 13 of Flinders Street Station, Sensory Underground is anything but ordinary. With a menu created by Tokyo Tina and a music and light show by renown artist Kit Webster, what results is a truly unique and memorable dining experience like no other.

Oh, Melbourne, why you so cool!

Take a look at the Fed Square Sensory Underground…

Anything But Square

The Experience

As we embarked down the escalators of Platform 13, amongst the horde of commuters eager to get home, we approached a derelict security door, with an inconspicuous man next to it. Was this the entrance? Maybe, maybe not… “Hi, we’re here for the Sensory Underground event,” I said, nervously. “Right this way, sir,” replied the man clad in all black.

As he unlocked the door, we were taken back to the sight of almost pure darkness, beside the illumination of a square lit object.

This underground, warehouse-style venue reminiscent of night’s (and morning’s), spent in Berlin’s infamous nightclubs, Sensory Underground experience had us excited from the get-go. Exposed brick, harsh metal vents, with neon strip lights throughout. Welcome to the new Melbourne!

Anything But Square

The Food

Set in the year 2045, there was a heavy Japanese theme throughout. The dinner started with a paper bag, inside, insects and crunchy bits; “get messy’’ we were told.

What followed was a delicious sashimi platter of salmon and tuna.

Mains featured a pork-press, reminiscent of tinned SPAM, which may not sound appetising, but trust us, it was incredibly tasty. There was also a side of a roasted cauliflower miso dish.

Desert was 3D printed chocolates by Melbourne designer R.L Foote.

If you were thirsty, ordering a drink was a clear glimpse into the future ahead. Download your Skip app, and order from the menu on your phone. Your drink will arrive in mere seconds. Genius!

Anything But Square

The Art

State of the art speakers lined the roof of the venue, with light and sound show that rocked the place to pieces. Everything was felt through your bones, and our senses were truly tingling.

Afterwards, as we left the dining area, we were ushered through a set of emergency stairways, ducking and dodging through the tight walkways until we came to an entrance opening, inside, a live performance of a robot, preparing for a night out.

Anything But Square

Melbourne is quickly becoming a cultural hub, and these initiatives are only helping to carve out its identity on a global scale. The Sensory Underground experience is a must-try for the foodie and adventurous-minded individual at heart. It’s simply out of this world!

For more information, head to the Fed Square Sensory Underground experience here