Whether you’re an audiophile, music buff or can simply appreciate good sound, there has simply never been a better way to enjoy portable music than with the new Bang & Olufsen Beolit 17 – and we don’t say this lightly.

The perfect accessory for any situation where good times are had, the Beolit 17 wireless speaker system facilitates mind-blowing sound in a small, lunchbox-like design that is surprisingly stunning.

We’ve had the Beolit 17 on hand at Man of Style HQ for the past few weeks, testing out all of its capabilities.

Here’s how it stacks up…

Beolit 17


At first glance, the Beolit 17 is interesting, to say the least. But as time goes on and its put to good use, its contemporary approach truly grows on you – there’s nothing out there quite like it!

Above all, it’s immediately apparent that this wireless speaker not only packs a punch but its design is made to last.

Beautifully built for years to come, it is made out of an anodised aluminium with an authentic full grain leather handle, durable polymer and its top and bottom are rubber coated for extra resilience. Each of these carefully selected materials having been crafted to perfection, resulting in a speaker design that is truly unique to Bang & Olufsen.

Beolit 17


Designed for True360 sound, the Beolit 17 delivers room-filling sound with 240 watts of peak power and impressive 360-degree sound dispersion. Honestly, its sound is not only powerful – and loud enough to entertain a small party – but truly fulfilling.

The Bang & Olufsen signature sound ensures you hear the music the way the artists intended it – authentic, clean and detailed, and this is evident from the moment your first track plays.

The Beolit 17 is also filled with clever features that can all be controlled – and tailored – through the Bang & Olufsen App. Personalise your Beolit 17 to fit your own control preferences, activating programmable smart features like launching your favourite playlist or customising the sound to match your mood with ToneTouch.

The Beolit 17 is truly yours from the onset, which is a pretty cool feature in our eyes.

Beolit 17


This powerful Bluetooth speaker has up to 24-hours of playtime, which is perfect for an evening soiree followed up by a summer BBQ the next day.

The powerful 45W charger maximises the charging speeds for your Beolit 17 through a universal USB-C connection. And if you’re out and about without your charger, you can use any other compatible USB-C charging device; practicality at its best.


If you’re looking for a portable speaker that is just that, portable, but has the guts to offer amazing sound and playback, the Beolit 17 should not be overlooked. It’s fair to say that this is one of the best wireless speakers on the market purely due to its exhilarating sound and effortlessly-cool design – synonymous of the Bang and Olufsen brand.

Whether you’re hosting a party, heading to a mate’s for lunch or simply looking for a little R&R with your best jazz playlist, the Beolit 17 will provide superb playback for any discerning music lover.

More information and to see the complete range of speakers, earphones and accessories, head to the website here