Renowned for men’s fine tailoring and sartorial elegance in Melbourne, Carl Navè has crafted his tailoring expertise to dress some of the most prominent figures in this city for over a decade.

But Navè has expanded his services and now offers gentlemen of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to purchase a suit Made-to-Order online; a new suiting experience designed to be sold as separates that belong together.

With an easy-to-use suit shopping experience, customers are offered a selection of three styles and three cuts with corresponding individual sizing ranging from short, regular or long fittings. Navè’s cuts range from the Fiorentino (tapered fit); the Milanese (classic fit); and the Romano (slim fit); traditional cuts from the respective Italian regions.

Carl Navè


There are very few tailors left in Melbourne that can actually perform the art of tailoring itself; that is, to achieve the highest level of sartorial excellence in a garment. Carl Navè is one of those tailors.

Born to a family of Italian tailors, Navè began sewing at the age of six. Honing his craft and skills with over twenty years of experience, Navè takes tailoring to an exciting new level in Melbourne; a notion very rarely seen in today’s day and age of fast fashion.

Navè offers a contemporary approach to bespoke tailoring work with attention to detail like no other.

“My bespoke career started quite early; I worked with my Nonno and Nonna when I was young but the formal training began when I was in my early 20’s studying at RMIT,” says Carl Navè.

“I studied fashion and after a few years working for mainstream retailers, I went back to the family craft and started working for a couple of bespoke tailors in Melbourne and Italy, as well as a suit manufacturer in Shanghai. This lead me to starting my own workshop studio in 2012.”

Today, Navè has an impressive clientele list, offering an array of services from made-t0-measure suiting all the way to bespoke suiting, Italian-made.

Navè Made-to-Order store is the latest service, completing a full-circle level of menswear expertise in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.


It’s the age-old problem purchasing off-the-rack suits: the jacket fits but the pants are too loose ( or too tight). The pants are perfect but you struggle to fit your shoulders into the matching jacket. The Made-to-Order collection by Carl Navè is now solving that problem.

With a heavy focus around beautiful business-wear, the Made-to-Order collection is positioned for the young businessman working his way up the corporate ladder.

This collection is not only stylish and affordable but it’s practical; it offers a new suiting experience for those who may be time-poor, has trouble fitting into normal off-the-rack suits or simply isn’t familiar with the whole made-to-measure process.

More than that, Navè is changing the way men buy their suits.

“After almost 18-years in the bespoke and made-to-measure suiting, I noticed a real disconnect in the space; I wanted to bridge the gap between off-the-rack and made-to-measure products and make it affordable and accessible for the everyday guy,” says Navè.

“Unlike Europe and the US, hardly any retailers here in Australia offer split suit sizes and no one offers short and long fittings. I realise that we don’t have the numbers, but why should any Australian men have to suffer?”


With the new online store, guys will be able to select from 3 different cuts and 3 different styles, with more to be added in the future. These cuts and style range from the following:


Inspired by classic Florentine tailoring, the Fiorentino is subtly extended over the shoulder and tapered through the waist, offering a broad and tailored silhouette.


Carl Navè


Inspired by classic Milanese tailoring, the Milanese is soft and hugging around the shoulders, tighter armhole and sleeve head resulting in a narrow fitting chest and waist with tapered sleeves.


Carl Navè


Inspired by classic Roman tailoring, the Romano is softly styled shoulders that create a broad silhouette, which narrows around the waist. Peak lapels add a touch of flair and formality, making it a suitable option for evening events and black tie dinners.


Carl Navè

Each suit is made from 100% Australian Merino Wool and is a super 130 weave, making it lighter than most other off-the-rack suits at this price point.

Horsehair canvas interlinings and a floating canvas chest piece are used for ultimate comfort and breathability.

All garments are 100% made to order, especially for you and delivered to your door when ready.

For more information, head to the Carl Navè store HERE