After absolutely abysmal weather this morning, we were worried that Caulfield Cup may turn out to be a complete write-off. Luckily though, the weather gods happened to be slightly less sinister than initially expected. Upon arrival, we quickly made our way over to the Stella Artois marquee, but not before dodging through a bustling crowd of trackside punters. Blue was again the cornerstone colour (no surprises there), with a few grey and neutral toned suit combinations thrown into the mix. It was exciting to see pattern and print being embraced by many a man. The floral shirt has made a comeback in a big way this year, so it was exciting to see that Country Road‘s latest collection is bang on the money with what men are wearing. 

Caulfield is known as more of a casual occasion, so naturally, it was the perfect place to sport a blazer and chino combination. With the weather is warming up—even if today wasn’t the perfect example—wearing warmer colours was a no-brainer. A red windowpane blazer and pastel pink striped Oxford shirt proved to make a perfect pairing when anchored down with a navy polka dot tie. To keep warmer tones grounded, consider combining them with neutral toned chinos and shoes such as tan or brown for a light, refreshing Spring Racing look that turns heads for the right reasons. In our eyes, wearing colour really is the safest bet you can make this Spring Racing Carnival.

Many familiar faces were found at the races today and it was all smiles and celebrations trackside as we shared a beer or two whilst watching some of the best horse racing on offer in Australia. On the topic of best, the best horse racing; Best Solution just so happened to take home the Cup in a thrilling photo finish, with Homesman coming in a strong second.

If you would like any advice on pattern clashing or just want to see some more inspiration from the Country Road collection, make sure you check out our crash course on pattern clashing.

This was part of a paid collaboartion between Country Road and Man of Style. Imagery captured by Katie Fergus and Carly Ravenhall.