We sat down with Christian Kimber, a British-born-now-Melbourne-based designer of contemporary menswear for the everyday gentleman. Arguably one of our favourite designers in Melbourne, we were quite excited to chat about his story, his clothes and his store.

Read the full interview below:

How did you get into fashion design and why?
Men’s fashion has always been a passion of mine. I studied night school after finishing university in design and pattern making but I learnt most of what I do on the job, working with our factories and artisans.
When did the Christian Kimber brand come to life?
Over the last few years, we have grown organically. 2013 is when we really started and we continue to develop every year. 2018 is when we really came to life as you say, as we have been able to show our first clothing collection, men’s show and open our retail store.
Tell us about your values and philosophy when it comes to designing and selling your clothes?
I want to create items that have a reason to exist. I create wearable pieces to outfit your every day, pieces that are so well made they outlive you. Our silhouettes deliver the functionality required of a modern lifestyle and fulfil a void in the market for a sophisticated Australian aesthetic. My philosophy for my design process is underpinned by the three core pillars of form, functionality and fit – with a view to redefining the concept of modern Australian style
What makes your garments different to others?
The fabric we use, the fittings and silhouette and the incredible quality and high value in our price points. Really it is the soul and purpose or our products. The brand vision has always focused on making luxury quality clothing more attainable to men in terms of meeting the needs of the modern lifestyle as well as cost. Also taking a ‘slow-fashion’ approach to retail.
Can you walk us through your most recent collection?
Our first clothing collection is an ambitiously fresh vision of modern Australian style. There is love, care and detail that’s gone into every element of the collection. These new classics represent the needs of modern masculinity and are completely effortless. Lightweight chinos and textured coats, crisp field jackets and elegant yet breathable knit polos are made from the very best quality yarn from Japan and Italy, produced ethically by artisan craftsmen.
What do you think the Australian menswear scene is missing?
Authenticity mainly, but also quality. We are in Australia so we need to create for Australians, rather than trying to sell the internet’s version of Italian style.
What do you attribute your success to?
Perhaps we just make great stuff and we really try to give a service people have not experienced before. We are transparent to about how we make our products and put love into everything we do.
Where do you see the Christian Kimber brand in 5 years?
We will continue to grow, more stores, more availability of our garments and footwear in your city. Continuing with our ‘slow-fashion’ approach to retail and to make incredible wears.

You can visit Christians store at 264 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne VIC 3065, or online at christiankimber.com.