When the opportunity came around to visit Morocco, we had one destination on our bucket list: the Sahara Desert.

After hours of research and deliberation, we were adamant to see the Sahara in all its glory; staying in 5-star luxury, of course.

The Desert Luxury Camp is set on the fringe of the Sahara, 1-hour from Merzouga. The camp is accessed via off-road Land Cruisers, providing a fun, adventurous journey for all involved. Drifting and swaying as we slid through the silky soft sand, we asked our driver whether he grew tired of driving through the desert and its terrain. His response was: ‘’This is the best part of my job’’ – we could see why.

We opted for the 3-days, 2-night excursion, leaving us with ample time to partake in a range of activities, as well as indulge in some downtime to enjoy the surroundings.

Below are the highlights of our adventurous journey to the Sahara Desert, staying at the Desert Luxury Camp.

The Food

Delicious, fresh and flavoursome food is not something you’d expect to find in the desert. Yet, somehow we were pleasantly surprised.

Each meal is carefully prepared for, with breakfast comprising of a continental spread with traditional warm dishes; lunch comprising of the local Tajine, and dinner a 3-course feast. It’s all quite Moroccan but catered for a westerner’s palate. For example, chicken dishes were only breast chicken, diced with no bones; a guilty pleasure.

Keep in mind: if you’re after alcohol, it’s best to bring wine into the camp, as they don’t serve it here.

The Activities


Some of the best stargazing occurs far from main cities which cause light pollution. When you’re out in the Sahara, there’s nothing around. No cars, no buildings. We were lucky enough to be rewarded with clear skies for both our nights. Download StarWalk2 and learn some constellations.


Each night, the team from Desert Luxury Camp gather around a fire to strum their African drums. It’s a magical experience. Get amongst it and have a dance to the tribal beats.


If you’re feeling adventurous, sand boards (really just retrofitted DIY snowboards), are scattered across the camp, just grab one, climb the nearest dune and try not to eat a mouthful of sand.


Visit a local village for a snack, or rummage through some ancient stones to find your own fossil. It’s a choose your own adventure with no set guidelines. Simply ask your guide the options available and explore!

Camel riding

Opt for a camel ride into the sunset, stopping atop a dune for some biscuits and tea, as well as picture-perfect views of the Sahara.

The Lodging

Set inside spacious glamping tents, there are couches, tables and everything you would need for a serious slumber party. The bathrooms are large and separated, with gas-powered hot water tanks for showering. The beds were King+ and had heater blankets for those cold, chilly nights. Is it weird that these rooms were better than most hotels in Morocco? We think so…

There’s also private camps available for special occasions *wink*; think surprise engagement or honeymoon. We couldn’t stop thinking that this is probably a pretty special place to propose.

The Service 

We couldn’t have asked for better hosts. Whether it was requesting amenities, knowledge of the area, or camels, our host Hmad was ready at the drop of a hat. Our experience was incredibly comfortable from start to finish, and we can see why this type of trip is geared towards those who’d like to kick-back, knowing everything is sorted.