Throughout the 1980’s, men’s fashion was at an all-time high, reaching the pinnacle of its power; that is, powerful dressing for young and sophisticated individuals.

Leading the trend would be the men on Wall Street, New York City. Think boldly patterned suits such as pinstripes and checks; loud and colourful shirts (often double toned); and aggressive ties. Gordon Gecko of the 1987 film ‘Wall Street’ was the perfect representation of where this trend was at for the time.

Like any trend, the notion of ‘power dressing’ became misinterpreted and eventually lost its way.

Now in 2019, power dressing needs no longer carry a negative connotation, for dressing with purpose, sophistication and confidence is in vogue.

Throwing back to this glorious time for sartorial standards, Australian men’s clothier Dom Bagnato has created a collection of men’s suiting and accessories that mirrors that of Wall Street of the 1980’s.

Dom Bagnato

Autumn/Winter 2019

The AW19 Dom Bagnato collection pays homage to the 1980’s era; an era in which rich textured fabrics, bold patterns and masculine lines were formed to create unique and signature looks.

Drawing inspiration from films such as Wall Street, the AW19 collection is an exciting capsule of sartorial statements that are ever-so relevant today, all the while adding an essence of European elegance that Dom Bagnato is synonymous for.

Cementing this signature style with the brand’s core values – colour, contemporary classic, creative elegance and Italian style – Dom Bagnato elevates simple suiting into elegant, powerful looks for the everyday man.

Dom Bagnato

The Devil is in the Detail

A mixture of sandy hues, shaded blacks and burnt oranges feature in the Dom Bagnato AW19 collection, which really opens up the space for the collection to stand out.

Blazers are textured, with a mixture of subtle and loud prints used to differentiate its purpose. Pair a windowpane navy suit with a shirt and tie for a special occasion, or pair back a sand peak lapel blazer over denim jeans for the smart-casual weekend exploration.

For the sophisticated worker, Dom Bagnato has updated the everyday navy and charcoal suit, adding subtle details such as textured fabrics, checkered designs, and peak lapels. It’s all about the point of difference when put amongst the hordes.

Dom Bagnato

From New York to Melbourne

As exemplified in the 1987 film Wall Street – the inspiration behind Dom Bagnato’s AW19 collection – it is seen that men with power, money, and respect channeled these very qualities into over-the-top workwear; and it worked!

A signature look to the revered character, Gordan Gekko, was his blue dress shirt with the white contrast collar, worn with suspenders and a thick patterned tie – ‘80s power dressing at its finest.

Bringing back this notion of power dressing, Dom Bagnato has taken this style and applied it to the Australian setting; to the everyday Aussie guy, whether he works in the city or simply enjoys dressing up for an occasion.

Shirts are colourful, detailed and of quality, ties are bold but not overpowering, and pocket chiefs are the perfect accompaniment to compliment the overall look.

Dom Bagnato

To see more of the AW19 Dom Bagnato collection, visit the website HERE


This article is sponsored in collaboration with Dom Bagnato