The definition of ‘Eden’ describes ‘a place of pristine or abundant natural beauty, and that’s exactly what you will find when visiting Eden Health Retreat.

An unforgettable five-star luxury health and wellness experience nestled deep within the breathtaking Currumbin Valley hinterlands, Eden is an overall uplifting wellness experience for all ages. Not only a special place to reflect and recharge, but it’ll also prove the catalyst for restoring your health, clearing your mind and restoring some balance to the frantic lifestyle you may lead.

Guests have been visiting Eden since 1985, making it Australia’s longest-running luxury health retreat. With what was once a Bootcamp experience, Eden now centres around choice and freedom – your experience is tailored to your own specific requirements.

Now, you might be reluctant to the idea of attending a health retreat, but Eden is different. Built on the premise of offering a simple, restorative approach combined with organic, wholesome meals and beautiful surroundings, a week at Eden is designed to “provide guests with the best opportunity to step back into the world with a renewed sense of possibility and freedom.” This is true. The notion of retreats offering a boot camp-like experience coupled with foreign meditational practices has long been a misconception.

Man of Style took the time out to partake in a five-day experience at Eden, where we ditched the phone, caffeine and alcohol for a week and went completely off-grid (you read right, there isn’t a drop of caffeine to be found for kilometres!).

But we can honestly say we feel better for our time at Eden: mentally, physically and emotionally. Without falling into the trap of converting to old habits, the ‘tools’ you take away from your experience will hopefully set you up for long-term benefits.

Here’s what your week-long experience at Eden Health Retreat will look like…

Eden Health Retreat


Getting to Eden is easy. After a quick flight to the Gold Coast, a designated driver will be waiting for you where you’ll take about an hour drive through the winding roads of the Currumbin Valley.

As you near Eden Health Retreat, say goodbye to the outside world as you’ll soon lose all phone reception (stress less, tech warriors; there is wifi at Eden’s main reception but its use is discouraged).

Upon entry, you’ll come to realise the sheer beauty of Eden’s property. The grand enclosure is surrounded by hundreds of acres of pure, untouched nature. Serene, wild and utterly beautiful, let down your guard and embrace your surroundings over the following five days.

Eden Health Retreat

The accommodation

If you thought that accommodation at Eden would be anything other than amazing, you will be thrilled to know that there is a host of eco-cabins, suites and lodges set to make your experience as comfortable (and luxurious) as possible.

In 2020, seven new luxury suites and lodges were added to Eden’s layout, which adds a level of unparalleled sophistication and class to this health retreat… who thought a health retreat could be so classy?

After a day full of activities, coming back to your suite where a Sealy Posturepedic bed, luxurious bathroom (plus more) awaits is a godsend.

Eden Health Retreat

The food

Food is a big one at Eden. Perhaps somewhat intimidating at first (the menu for the week is completely gluten and dairy-free), the four meals a day you will receive will nourish and fuel your body in ways you may not have experienced before.

All meals are held in the newly-renovated dining hall, where communal dining is encouraged. Here you’ll strike up fascinating conversations with fellow guests and embrace your new food journey along the way.

At the helm of the impressive Eden kitchen is former Masterchef runner-up, nutritionist and chef Georgia Barnes, who aims to educate guests on the benefits of eating healthy whole foods.

On any given day, you expect delicious, wholesome, refined sugar free meals. Think; vegetable omeltes for breakfast, savoury muffins for morning tea, nourish bowls for lunch, fruit snacks for afternoon tea and a hearty coconut & chicken laksa for dinner.

Coming to Eden with the intention of changing unhealthy food habits, it was refreshing to take away the tools and know-how needed for leading a healthy lifestyle, and it’s something that you will want to continue long after your experience at Eden.

Eden Health Retreat

What to do

As soon as you arrive at Eden, you will become familiarised with your daily itinerary. Each itinerary is personalised and tailored towards any treatment options you may have scheduled for your week and the type of activities you choose to do.

The days at Eden begin early, you’ll be woken at 6am and ready for a slow-flow yoga class or guided walk around the property by 6.15am. You’ll then enjoy a hearty breakfast followed by another activity, like a HIIT workout in the gym with a specialised personal trainer.

Morning tea is served at around 10:30am, followed by your next activity. Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at a pottery class, or maybe conquer your fears with an attempt at the flying fox?

Lunch is served around 12pm, with your next activity starting soon after. Frisbee golf is a popular choice, but many guests will also decide to just spend a little time to themselves, walking around the property, reading in their rooms, or just sitting and enjoying the stillness of Eden.

Eden Health Retreat

Afternoon tea is served at around 3pm, and your last activity for the day will follow suit, like a water-based workout in the pool or perhaps a pilates class in the newly-built Eden Pavillion.

Throughout the week, there were many opportunities to experience something new and exciting, and for many, it was exhilarating.

Dinner is served at around 6:30pm, and afterwards, guests can either enjoy one last activity for the day, or simply head back to their rooms and call it a day.

Eden Health Retreat
Treat yourself

What’s a health retreat without treating yourself to something special? Take the time for yourself and book a tailored healing or beauty treatment experience at Eden’s world-class spa.

There are a host of treatments available, from full-body massages, body wraps, facials, acupuncture and more. Your session will be guided by a professional therapist in a soothing and calming environment that echoes that of your surroundings on the outside.

If your idea of treating yourself is getting out, down and dirty, why not get your Louis Litt on and visit Eden’s dedicated ‘mudding’ zone. Bathe yourself in pure clay from New Zealand and enjoy a revigorating body cleansing experience.

Eden Health Retreat

Eden Health Retreat is a special place, in every sense of the word. If you’re looking to embark on a journey of self-discovery, want to break some bad habits or simply want to throw yourself out of your comfort zone, this is the trip for you.

Many guests have returned to Eden over the years simply for the pureness of their week-long journey. You will come back to ‘reality’ feeling refreshed, motivated and recharged, ready to tackle the hustle and bustle of the busy lives we tend to lead.

To find out more about Eden and to book your own special experience, visit the website here