Amid the 2019 Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix action, Italy’s famous prancing horse, Ferrari – whose team is a serious contender to taking home the Formula 1 World Championship in 2019 – launched its impressive Monza SP1: a first from Ferrari’s new ‘Icona’ series, and undeniably the ultimate weekend driving car.

The low-down 

Aesthetically pleasing by all means, the Monza SP1 is simply glorious to look at. Inspired by the classic barchettas of the 1950’s, the Monza SP1 takes the Ferrari brand a step back in time, paying respectful homage to the past.

Under the hood, the Ferrari Monza SP1 is equipped with the most powerful naturally- aspirated 6.5-litre F140 GA V12 ever produced by Ferrari – an impressive feat to say the least. That will get you 800hp, with an ability to travel 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds; outstanding!

“The Ferrari Monza SP1 is truly a remarkable sports car – it has to be seen to be believed. We are happy to bring this one of a kind vehicle to Australia and share it with our guests of Ferrari,” says Herbert Appleroth, CEO of Ferrari Australasia.

Thanks to its weight-to-power ratio – with extensive use of carbon fibre throughout the vehicle to keep its weight down – the Monza SP1 offers uncompromising aerodynamics and agility, able to reach higher speeds, quicker.

One of the more interesting points of this car is also the lack of a windshield, which you may notice. This is not only intentional but the team at Ferrari have devised a so-called ‘scoop’ just before the dashboard, which will suck incoming air creating what they call a “virtual windshield” protecting the driver as a normal windshield would; ingenious.

The Ferrari Red Lounge 

And on speaking about Ferrari’s integral involvement at this year’s Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix;

“Our brand DNA is derived from our racing culture, so we’re proud to further our investment in the sport in the market and afford our valued Ferrari family the opportunity to experience the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix first hand,” says Appleroth.

The kick-off to the 2019 Formula 1 season was extremely important this year, with the introduction of Ferrari’s newest race team member Charles Leclerc, who replaced long-standing Ferrari team member Kimi Raikkonen.

Showcasing the Ferrari brand in true Ferrari style, the ‘Ferrari Red Lounge’ was the centre of attention at this year’s Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix, with a never-before-seen Ferrari showroom and VIP party venue within the Champion’s Gateway; only meters from the F1 racetrack.

But the main attraction, of course, were the two models on display: the Ferrari Portofino and the Ferrari Monza SP1.

The Ferrari Monza SP1 will set you back a cool $1.75 million, with Ferrari only making a total of 499 of them. So, keep an eye out for these truly beautiful machines as seeing them on our roads will be a rare treat.