There’s no denying that men’s resort-wear has reached a level of sartorial excellence over the past 5 years – long gone are the days of the knee-length logo board shorts we were accustomed to.

A purveyor to this long-lost style is Frescobol Carioca; a brand born from the vibrant spirit of Rio de Janeiro and inspired by the ‘Carioca’ lifestyle.

Since 2013, Frescobol Carioca has redefined beachwear with its prominent, stylish designs.  Each collection is impeccably crafted with quality in mind, and above all, Frescobol Carioca are making garments that are made to be worn to and from the beach.

Speaking with Frescobol Carioca’s newly appointed Creative Director, Oliver Moores (ex- Neil Barrett), we delved into the intricacies of designing a resort range that is not only punctuated with eye-catching prints but has become the go-to for any guy looking to hit the beach in style.Frescobol Carioca

A Successful Appointment

Oliver Moores is an impressive individual with his limited experience in the fashion industry.  His first job was in 2012 working with contemporary fashion designer Neil Barrett – not a bad gig for the first.

“I worked closely with Neil Barrett in Milan on the creative direction of runway collections and the launch of the swimwear collection in 2015 which was incredible,” says Oliver Moores.

But it was an opening at Frescobol Carioca that really sparked his attention.

“It was a great experience [at Neil Barrett] but I wanted to challenge myself. I saw a potential in Frescobol Carioca and the story it was trying to tell people about modern Brazil.”

Moores hasn’t looked back since.

Frescobol Carioca

Growing a Resort Range

Growing a resort range is no easy feat. Frescobol Carioca, although a relatively new brand, has done considerably well considering its founders, Harry Brantly and Max Leese, were finance professionals; clueless to how a swim short should look and feel.

Seeing a space for tailored beachwear to exist and thrive, Frescobol Carioca was born from the simple idea of spreading the joy of the Carioca lifestyle; a phenomenon realised by Brazilian-born Brantly.

But exactly how does one design a ridiculously cool range that every guy wants to be seen in?

“I start my season by assessing the ways I can modernise and create the pieces I know I am going to want to wear in hot climates,” says Moores.

“You also need to ask yourself the question: would you wear the clothing you are creating, or at the very least, be able to picture your customer wearing this piece as part of a look? I think the fundamentals of growing a brand (and collection) is to have that honesty.”

It’s evident that Moores is designing collections that people actually want to wear. It’s thoughtful and it’s considered.

Frescobol Carioca

Not Just a Swimwear Brand

If you pick up any piece from the Frescobol Carioca collection, you know immediately that this is a beachwear brand different to any you may have come across previously.

“You need to ask yourself the question: would you wear the clothing you are creating?”

There’s quality in its designs; there’s a sense of fun, and practicality is an important part of each garment: how many different ways can these shorts be worn?

“We have the heart of Rio in mind when building the brand. Rio and Brazil as a whole have an incredible chic side to life that still retains the energy that it is known for,” explains Moores.

“At Frescobol Carioca, we are showing that this lifestyle is modern and can be adorned by guys anywhere.”

Frescobol Carioca

European SS19

With the European summer season imminent, Moores is adamant that there is one garment every man needs in his summer repertoire.

“In high summer, I have a favourite item that I think every guy should own: a denim-tencel twin set, made up of a camp-collar shirt and elasticated sports shorts,” says Moores.

“I wear a lot of denim and I wanted to make this accessible in a hot climate, that visually looks like denim but reacts like a really lightweight summer shirt.”

Frescobol Carioca is building a collection to be accessible for whatever occasion may present itself; it’s providing the tools to elevate your style; your confidence.

“We are building looks that you can wear at breakfast whilst reading your paper, while on the
beach, or by the pool, and also in the evening on vacation,” says Moores.

“I want our customer to feel like he can wear Frescobol Carioca at any time in the summer months.”

To check out the latest Frescobol Carioca collection, head to the website HERE