Gabriel-Kane-Day-Lewis, or G-K as he prefers, was in Melbourne over the weekend as a guest of The 2019 Stella Artois Caulfield Cup. Decked out in a full outfit by Strateas Carlucci, the heartthrob looked the part in a checkered overcoat and pleated high-waist trousers.

But when he’s not flying halfway around the world to attend prestigious Melbourne events with Stella Artois – a first for Day-Lewis – the 24-year old spends his time between New York and Paris; two cities he calls home.

Of course, you do recognise his surname: he is the son of award-winning actor Daniel-Daniel-Lewis; his mother is French actress Isabelle Adjani.

But the stupendous fame of his parents hasn’t dictated the path ahead for the talented youngster, who spends a great deal of time perfecting his two main passions: music and modelling.

“Music and modelling pretty much take up my life,” laughs Day-Lewis, beaming a large smile that both men and women go crazy for.

“But the two are super important to me. If it weren’t for the modelling, I wouldn’t even be able to talk about my music so I do try to use my foothold in the fashion industry to promote myself as an artist as much as I can.


Words and music

What’s really on Day-Lewis’ agenda, however, is his upcoming EP, set to drop between December 2019 and January 2020.

Music has been his saviour for as long as he can remember, and you can tell – the passion in his lyrics and music is a heartfelt tribute to his life experiences and emotions he’s felt.

“My music derives from personal experiences and relationships most of the time. When I’m writing, I want to be really authentic. Rather than writing for others, I just want to write for myself,” says Day-Lewis.

“I also know that I want to impact people with my music the way other artists impact me with their music and to do that, you have to make things relatable. So, it’s been about finding that balance between personal and relatable.”


A new sound

With previous singles like Ink in My Veins a hit worldwide, Day-Lewis has taken the time to hone in on his style and perfect his sound; an incredibly arduous task for all musicians, no doubt.

“It has taken me three years to figure out what my sound is,” says Day-Lewis.

“I have been working with a really great producer in Brooklyn and songwriting friends, also, but it’s been exhausting trying to figure out the type of song I want to create.”

But come December, Day-Lewis will drop his first single and music video to accompany, releasing a wider EP come early 2020.

And what can we expect from his new music?

“This new EP is very acoustic-pop but it’s a lot about love and heartbreak,” says Day-Lewis.

“The songs are universal and I think that a lot of people who listen to it will be able to relate in their own way; it’s personal but relatable.”


A man of style

It’s not just his music style that Day-Lewis is renowned for. His sense of personal style has also seen him grace covers of leading publications around the world, walk runways for leading luxury brands and even open a Chanel Haute Couture Show for the late Karl Lagerfeld in 2015.

Day-Lewis can be found wearing a t-shirt and jeans on most days, complemented by a body full of tattoos that he is notorious for, but enjoys dressing up for special occasions where he gets to “suit up” – like over the weekend.

Beyond the clothes, music, modelling and A-lister friends, however, Day-Lewis is genuinely humble and in touch with his emotions – a trait he says is indicative of being a man in 2019.

“I think being a man in 2019 is owning your vulnerability and also adhering to self-care; admitting to yourself when you need a break,” says Day-Lewis.

“The most important part of manhood is just knowing when to take care of yourself because everything stems from that notion.”

Gabriel-Kane-Day-Lewis was in Melbourne from 17 – 20 October on behalf of The 2019 Stella Artois Caulfield Cup. For more information on his music release dates, follow him on Instagram here