Few product releases have excited us recently – especially when it comes to the market of shaving products. How many ways can you reinvent the trusty razor? Well, it turns out a fair bit. We were invited to product test the new Gillette Heated Razor – a new age shaver with an inbuilt heating pad that promises the smoothest cuts available.


When the Gillette Heated Razor arrived, we were blown away with its presentation. The packaging is reminiscent of that new iPhone feel – a perfectly designed box, with millimetre precision. You could immediately tell that this was going to be a premium product.

Upon opening the box, the first thing that struck us was the weight of the shaver. This ain’t no toss-away razor. It’s heavy and made of quality stainless steel. The charging base is built like a paperweight, you definitely won’t be knocking this thing around.

Shaving experience

We’re generally not big shavers, and rather opt for clippers, due to the irritation and discomfort which generally stems from a shaver. However, Gillette have clearly recognised this problem – with the introduction of the Flexdisc Technology that rotates the shaving head with each shave, alongside their proprietory heated pad, it soothes the skin when shaving, meaning less irritation and an overall better shaving experience.

Bells and whistles

The shaver is charged wirelessly via the docking station, it’s magnetic and clips into place with precision. Gillette estimate you’ll get 6 shaves on a single charge – however, you’ll always have it docked so it’s ready to go- unless you’re ducking out on a weekend away and don’t want to carry the base.

The shaver itself is also completely waterproof, perfect for shaving at the sink or in the shower. The button is firm, the click is firm and the light is bright – you’ll definitely know when it’s on.

It’s got a heap of accolades to go with it too – TIME’s best 2019 invention, Engadget best of CES 2019. The list goes on.

While it’s not cheap – the starter kit comes in at just under $300, well above most shavers on the market – it is certainly worth the figure. If you care about a quality shave and beautiful design, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better shaver on the market.

While it won’t be for everyone – you certainly wouldn’t be embarrassed having this on display in your designer apartments bathroom.

Interested in purchasing the Gillette Heated Razor? You can pick one up online here.