What is waterproof, shockproof, so small it can fit in your back pocket, and able to capture some of life’s best moments with awe-inspiring quality? That would have to be the GoPro HERO8 Black, the tech giant’s latest release that is with new and improved features.

Amid the somewhat saturated market of portable camera devices, GoPro is a beast that just keeps on giving – and has done so, dominating the market since 2002.

But now, the release of the new HERO8 lets its owner go to new and exciting heights, capturing every moment with stunning footage.

We were in Sydney last week to put the new device through its paces, enjoying a day of thrill-seeking GoPro-oriented activities to see just exactly what this little camera can do.

Here’s how it stacks up…

GoPro Hero8

What’s new?

The brand new HERO8 is packed full of features that would make any traveller weak at the knees.   Building upon the success of its predecessor, the HERO8 offers unparalleled performance with the dramatically-improved, next-level video stabilization in HyperSmooth 2.0 – which works in all resolutions and frame rates and features a new ‘Boost’ mode – upgraded high-fidelity audio, customisable capture presets and a streamlined frameless design that is rugged and waterproof…and touch-screen!

The HERO8 also features TimeWarp 2.0, which, impressively, can auto-adjust to your speed and slow to real-time with just a tap of a button, perfect for capturing hyperlapse-style videos with incredible stabilisation.

Putting these very two features to test was our prerogative, which we were able to do whilst zipping around on a jet boat around Sydney Harbour and cruising on a charter plane around Palm Beach.


Four new digital lenses have been added to the GoPro HERO8 which help you set up your shot like a pro each and every time. Go between a narrow, distortion-free linear, wide or the GoPro-patented SuperView angle to get the best possible shot – it’s almost impossible to take a bad shot, guys!

You can also ‘mod-out’ your camera with a range of accessories that can provide professional-grade support; think professional-grade audio, a front-facing display and enhanced lighting.

The inclusion of in-built mounting fingers is also revolutionary – no longer will you forget your mounting piece or have to worry about breaking it, either. The HERO8 is an all-in-one-style camera that makes capturing your most precious moments a breeze.

“It’s been 15 years since the first GoPro camera, and from the start, we’ve been about enabling people to share their passions whether they’re fuelled by adrenaline or artistry,” said GoPro Founder and CEO Nick Woodman.

“The GoPro HERO8 Black redefines what’s possible with a camera.”

GoPro Hero8

A smarter camera

What truly impressed us with the GoPro HERO8 is just how technologically-savvy this little guy is. Among all the features it dishes out, one of our favourites would have to be the ‘hands-free’ ability.

With 14 voice commands available, it’s never been easier to get the perfectly framed photo or video without disruption. Simply say commands like “GoPro, start recording,” or wake the camera up with “GoPro, turn on.” Genius!

GoPro Hero8

The GoPro App

And the icing on the cake? The integration of the GoPro App. Supporting both GoPro and phone content in edits, this easy-to-use app allows you to cut, change, fix, create and share any video or photograph of your choosing to friends, family or straight to social media, seamlessly.

Apply filters to single clips as well as multi-clip edits, or new auto-generated video themes which are inspired by iconic GoPro edits from the company’s in-house media team. Choose between Adrenaline Seeker, Adventure Travel, Cinematic and Memory Curator and share directly to social media or store within the app.

The GoPro HERO8 Black is available now and retails for $599.95. Head to the website to find out more information. gopro.com