You’ve just picked up the new pair of shoes you’ve been dreaming of. Whether they’re a sneaker or a chelsea or a loafer, there’s not a scuff or blemish on them- and you plan on keeping it that way. Shoes are arguably the most important aspect of any outfit. My old man once said, ”you can tell a lot from a man by the way he keeps his shoes”, and that couldn’t be truer. Buying nice shoes is one thing, looking after them is another.

So read on for our best tips on keeping your new shoes fresh.

Prior to wearing your shoes out

Whenever I get a new pair of shoes, I’ll always treat them with some form of spray or polish. Sneakerfreakers swear by Jason Markk repel and I use it on all of my sneakers. Give them a good spray, dab off excess moisture with a cloth and re-apply 24 hours later. Don’t wear them in between. Re-apply every month or so.

With a pair of oxfords or the like, decent wax polish goes a long way. Apply the polish as per usual and give them a good shine. You should be polishing your shoes often. In doing so, you add moisture to the leather and stop them from drying out or cracking. I own the Loake valet shoebox which has everything you need to ensure your shoes stay with you for a lifetime.

Shoe trees

Invest in a decent pair of cedar shoe trees with any purchase of new shoes. They’ll hold the shape of your shoe, keep them smelling fresher and extending the life of them in the process. They’re an inexpensive solution which will keep your current pair in excellent condition for years to come. We personally use these pairs from Trimly. 


These aren’t just pretty packaging for your new shoes. Whenever travelling, you should always house your shoes in some. When they’re bouncing around in your suitcase, they’ll scuff and could rub against the inside zipper. Trust us, we’ve learnt the hard way.

Check weather conditions

This may be a given, but every morning I’ll check the weather forecast for the day. If it’s sunny, I’ll throw on a pair of white common projects. If it’s going to rain, perhaps my chelseas or some boots. Avoiding average weather conditions will seriously extend the life of your beloved kicks. Some shoes are able to withstand poorer weather conditions than others, so it’s always best to plan around it.

Know your whereabouts for the day

Depending on where I am for the day will also affect my shoe choice. For example, If I’m in the office I know my shoes won’t be trampled on, so I can get away with wearing some nicer shoes. However, if I’m at a nightclub I’ll know they’ll be damaged. It’s always best to know where you’ll be throughout the day to ensure your favourite shoes don’t end up as beaters.

Do you have any other tips to extend the life of your shoes? Let us know in the comments below.