In a world where individuality is few and far between, finding something that is uniquely personal; uniquely recognisable; uniquely you, can prove quite a difficult task.

In combatting this notion, let’s look at one’s own scent. There’s nothing more personal than the scent you choose to wear. It lingers with you throughout the day; it’s noticeable upon a first interaction, and it says a lot about who you are.

So rather than taking the easy road and purchasing a $20 bottle of god-knows-what from your local chemist, let’s introduce you to Laboratorio Olfattivo, who are purveyors of finding one’s own scent.

About Laboratorio Olfattivo

Born in 2009, Laboratorio Olfattivo is the creation of Daniela Kaon and Roberto Drago’s love for niche perfumes. What has resulted is a collection of 16 unique Eau de Parfum’s that all tell a story.

More than that, they’re here to tell your story.

A project based on pure creative sparks and dream fragments, Laboratorio Olfattivo take these aspects and transform them into fine fragrances for fine individuals.

Laboratorio Olfattivo opened its first flagship store in Turin, Italy in 2015. Today, its scents are housed in 38 Countries around the world.

Laboratorio Olfattivo Mylo


Eau de Parfum is the basis to which Laboratorio Olfattivo operates -the ideal medium for fully appreciating the quality of the olfactory formulae and raw materials. Each scent tells a story and can be considered an “emotional experience”, that comes to life through the sense of smell.

Made in Italy, each bottle of Laboratorio Olfattivo Eau de Parfum is artisanal from its inception.

The fragrances are beautifully put together, showcased in a linear, easy-to-hold bottle with minimalist yet elegant packaging.

Finding the Perfect Scent

For those looking to discover a unique, fresh and exciting scent that differs from the hordes, here is a little rundown of some of our favourite Laboratorio Olfattivo scents and what they have to offer:


Nun – Put a bit of zest in your everyday life with a citrus-based scent. ‘Nun’ opens with noticeable citrus notes; pear is revealed in its sweetness, with hints of lotus, jasmine and ylang ylang. Balancing perfectly with woods, amber and musk. Purchase Nun HERE 


Rosamunda – After long hours of distillation comes Rosamumda; a seductive, powerful scent which is brought to life by Roses and Patchouli. This floral scent is mixed with golden spices, ancient woods and animal notes with an “aphrodisiac imprint.” Purchase Rosamunda HERE 


Alambar – An elegant, exotic, intense and exciting scent, Alambar has prominent notes of Amber, cinnamon, vanilla and cocoa which excites the senses and soothes the skin. A scent for those who wish to be noticed. Purchase Alambar HERE


Nerotic – A masculine, strong and bold scent, Nerotic is quite dynamic in its approach; dry and masculine notes of woods, leather and smoke and prominent, balanced out with feminine notes of amber; a great unisex scent. Purchase Nerotic HERE

When deciding on your scent, remember that it will be your own smell and nobody else. When a particular scent is sprayed onto the skin, it reacts differently to another person. Be confident in your approach and remember that your scent will represent you; from first impressions to everyday encounters.

What’s your pick?


Laboratorio Olfattivo is stocked exclusively in Australia / NZ through Lusso Collective.