Last week in Melbourne, Italian automotive powerhouse Lamborghini welcomed a new member to its prolific family: the Huracán EVO.

Glorious, powerful and perfectly Italian in every imaginable way, the new Huracán EVO is here to shake up the luxury automotive industry – for good.

Speaking with Lamborghini Asia Pacific CEO Matteo Ortenzi at the 2019 Formula 1 Melbourne Grand Prix, he explained the importance of the Huracán model in Australia and as a whole for the Lamborghini brand.

“It’s always fantastic to be here in Australia. We have a rapidly growing market in the Asia Pacific, so the importance for us to be here is paramount,” Ortenzi explains.

“We are coming from a very successful base which was the Huracán model. With the EVO, we asked ourselves how do we improve this car? It has been the sports car of the last few years; it’s the perfect driving machine. So, in 2019, it was about the evolution of the Huracán; to bring it to a new level.”

Enter, the Lamborghini Huracán EVO: a whole different breed for super sports cars and the luxury automotive industry.

Under the Hood

Boasting a powerful 5.2 I V10 engine which is uprated to produce a higher power output and a thrilling and powerful sound, the Huracán EVO outputs 640hp at 8,000 rpm with 600 Nm of torque and can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds.

In other words, you are more than capable of going into full beast mode. 

The Huracán EVO is incredibly easy to drive and delivers a responsive, sensory and agile driving experience thanks to its superior aerodynamic design and enhanced driving dynamics, no matter what environment you may be in.

Along with the technologically-advanced Lamborghini LDVI system, the Huracán EVO will process data in real time, recognising the driver’s intentions through the steering wheel, brake and accelerator pedal inputs, engaged gear, and the driving modes selected via ANIMA C controller, giving you the option between Strada, Sport or Corsa.

“The Huracán EVO really needs to be driven to understand it completely. It’s a smaller car; it’s more agile, and it is perfect for daily use; it’s a driving machine like no other,” says Ortenzi.

“We are not changing what we have done before with the Huracán EVO; it’s simply about improving the model. It IS the evolution of the Lamborghini brand.”

Growing the Brand

The Lamborghini brand has grown consistently over the last decade, not only throughout the Asia Pacific, but globally, thanks to the introduction of models such as the Huracán.

For example, in 2010, Lamborghini sold 1,302 cars globally. With a sustained sales growth performance over 9 years, the company has tripled its sales numbers, selling 5,750 vehicles globally in 2018 – with the brand new SUV model, the Urus, not only contributing to a high percentage of these sales but introducing an all-new customer to the Lamborghini brand.

“We are rapidly expanding and growing our customer base, with a big thanks going to the introduction of the Urus model,” explains Ortenzi.

“70% of the customers who have purchased the Urus model have come from other luxury brands. So, it’s an absolute pleasure to welcome this new customer to our brand.”

“Buying a Lamborghini isn’t so much about commuting from A to B, as it is about investing in a lifestyle; it’s all about the emotions, the unique experiences, and the enjoyment of life that comes with owning a Lamborghini.”

What’s Next?

Assessment and growth are the two main priorities for the Lamborghini brand in 2019.

“Short term, it’s about assessing our models and where we are at, globally. 2019 will be the first year of the full potential that our product range can reach,” says Ortenzi.

“With the changing landscape of the automotive industry, we will venture into other avenues, also. The next generation vehicle will be hybrid, we all know this, but Lamborghini will never compromise on our emotions, performance and design until the technology is ready to avoid doing so.”

The Lamborghini Huracán EVO launched in Australia last week. It’s expected to retail for $459,441 before on-road costs. You can find out more at Lamborghini’s website HERE



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