Ahead of the highly anticipated, long-awaited return of Stranger Things and its season 3 premiere last night, denim legends Levi’s teamed up with Netflix and its cult show to replicate the 1980’s-inspired looks of its most beloved characters.

That’s right, you can now look like Steve Harrington or Billy Hargrove, with a range of denim staples and collegiate favourites to elevate any wardrobe this season. To mark the occasion, Netflix decided to throw an uber cool Melbourne launch party to celebrate all things Strangers Things and of course, Levi’s denim.

Here’s a look at the collection and what went down at its ’80s retro-themed party.

Levi's x Stranger Things

The collection

There’s a ton of reasons as to why the world has fallen in love with the Netflix series Stranger ThingsFor one, it has a great story. Its characters – and their storylines – are more than likeable. And the ’80s-inspired fashion from the series is not just cool, it’s on-trend today.

Since first airing in 2016, Stranger Things have spurred eighties nostalgia like no other, reviving the decade’s best of fashion, music and pop-culture.

So, it only made sense that the Stranger Things wardrobe team and Levi’s – whose designs they have leveraged off throughout the past two seasons – would come together to design a limited edition capsule that us, the fans, can purchase.

The collaboration showcases Levi’s extensive archives to throw-back to the ’80s, of which the popular Netflix series is based off.

Levi's x Stranger Things Collection

Coupled with the tagline ‘Strange Looks Good on You’, the Levi’s x Stranger Things collection includes authentically replicated looks created for the show’s characters, in particular, two fan-favourites on the show: Eleven and Dustin.

Think raw denim jeans, baggy-fitting collegiate sweaters, vintage tees, sweatshirts, and varsity-style hoodies, all branded with the show’s unique aesthetic; it’s literally 1985 all over again.

Funnily enough, the campaign for the collaboration was shot at Hawkins’ Starcourt Mall – a familiar sight for die-hard fans.

Levi's x Stranger Things

The event 

Entering the exclusive, one-of-a-kind Stranger Things-themed space was a treat, even to the non-fan. To your left, you’ve got an alternate dimension room, reminiscent of the ‘Upside Down.’ To your right is the Byers’ living room. The Star Mall, The Palace Arcade are all featured in some aspect, also.

There were Stranger Things mementos scattered throughout, like gaming machines, board games and even nods to the still-to-be-found Barbara Holland  – is Barb alive??

‘The Levi’s Tailor Shop’ offered guests the opportunity to be custom-fitted with the new collection, adding their own special touch with limited edition patch badges.

The Levi's Tailor Shop

As the night went on, guests were treated to performances by Luke Million, I Know Leopard, and Genesis Owusu, taking the intimate affair well into the night with retro beats and throwbacks to the popular ’80s era.

It was a special trip to Hawkins, even if you weren’t necessarily a fan of the show. There’s no doubt, however, after last night’s ‘excursion’, that you’d be binging all three seasons come the weekend.

Levi’s x Stranger Things is available to shop now. Stranger Things series three premiered on Netflix July 4.