When it comes to talking about style, the kitchen isn’t usually a topic that you would expect to be discussing, let alone a fridge. So before we get into the thick of it, let me just explain why we have delved into the realm of whitegoods.


Having good style is more than just the way you wear your clothing. Having good style, for many, is a way of life. Those who seek out style in their day to day lives know that good design is the foundation from which style can flourish. It’s a quintessential element in the long list of constituents that make a good garment. For these style seekers, the belief that good design is the perfect balance of style and functionality runs deep. So deep, in fact, that It manifests itself in their core values and beliefs, ingrained in their DNA, it impacts their every decision. No household product will be purchased if it doesn’t live up to their mantra: good quality, good design, good style.


Hence why we are here now, talking about one of the most stylish fridges on the market–The LG Instaview Door-in-Door Refrigerator.

Because it all starts with design

So, now that I have somewhat whimsically woven together the logic that led us to partner up with LG; let’s get down to why we think this is one of the most stylish fridges on the market.

It all starts, (you guessed it) with the design.

“Design can be art. Design can be simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.” –Paul Rand

Loaded with tech and incredibly spacious, the LG InstaView is without a doubt, the Rolls Royce of Refrigerators. On the outside, this fridge is a thing of beauty. Its façade boasts a set of French doors: a water filter and ice maker on the left door; and a chic tinted glass that covers most of the right. Knock twice anywhere on this sleek glass panel and the interior is illuminated, revealing the contents on the inside of the fridge door.


This handy feature allows you to reduce the number of times you open the fridge door. Thus saving energy by minimising internal temperature fluctuations. The tint also helps conceal the fridge contents so you can see what’s in the door on a need to know basis. How nifty.

“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” – Joe Sparano

Even with the copious amounts of space inside a fridge of this size, sometimes food isn’t fridge-friendly. LG has acknowledged this problem and overcome it with its versatile storage systems and retractable shelf. Have a bottle of Möet that can’t quite fit in the fridge? Just slide back the retractable shelf, and suddenly there’s space. Can’t quite find a place to put that wheel of Camembert? Just throw it in the extra space bay.


This fridge has clearly been designed by those with an organised mind.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs

In case this wasn’t already enough of a futuristic fridge, LG’s pioneering Smart ThinQ technology gives you the ability to control your fridge from the palm of your hands. Tech heads, the future is now.


This article is part of a paid partnership with LG and Man of Style.