As those living on the southern hemisphere eagerly look to the upcoming summer season, there’s never been a better time to update your arsenal of cookware for that perfect Aussie summer BBQ.

With backyard cook-ups a go-to when entertaining those nearest and dearest, should you be looking to master the art of grillin’ and/or smokin’, we’ve got just the introduction for you.

Friends, meet NOMAD Grills – the world’s best portable charcoal barbecue grill & smoker (in our eyes, anyway). When looking at the NOMAD, you can easily mistake it for a Superman-like briefcase. But little would you know the true capabilities of this portable barbecue.

The team at Man of Style have been test-driving the new portable grill ahead of the official grillin’ season, and what we uncovered was beyond our imaginations.

The thing is, there are a lot of grills you can take on an outdoor adventure (or even use as your staple barbecue). However, there aren’t many that’ll easily get there and then come back in one piece.

This is where NOMAD differs. And here’s why…



NOMAD was the brainchild of business partners and long-time friends John Veatch and Cam Leggett who saw a race to the bottom in the portable barbecue market that highlighted a simple need for a portable grill that wouldn’t rust out or fall apart mid-adventure – a grill for the pitmaster on the move.

That shortcoming set the duo on a path to build the world’s best grill.

“We wanted to create a grill that you could take places; one that could keep pace, and one that you’d be proud to show up with and use,” explains co-founder John Veatch.

“All in all, it took us over three years to get this product ready to take to market. We developed NOMAD with a single purpose: to build a grill that matches strength & sturdiness with endless applications and perfect portability. Turns out, it takes a minute to make a thing that can live up to those standards as well as the expectations of today’s savvy outdoor consumer.”
NOMAD Grills


When witnessing the NOMAD Grill for the first time, you’ll notice that it will immediately turn heads (in a good way) due to the sheer construction of its nature – not only is it tough as nails but it LOOKS tough as nails.

At the heart of this grill is advanced thermal architecture that features multi-layer construction, patent-pending SurfaceSafe tech – to help keep the outside shell temperatures remarkably low – and a Type II anodized aluminium finish; the same you will find on an Apple MacBook.

“Anodized aluminium is extremely durable, as the anodizing process helps to harden and coat the metal – so no paint to peel, bubble, flake or chip with our grill,” says co-founder Cam Leggett.

“The anodizing process also helps create a weather-resistant, tarnish-resistant surface that can remain like new for years to come”

On the side of your grill, you’ll find MagVent air controls, turning your Grill into a charcoal barbecue or a smoker. Vent sliders with high-temperature magnets are also used for optimal damper control, as well as a no-spill mess mitigation & ash containment.

The inside of the grill is just as impressive as the exterior. The interior cook-boxes are made from die-cast aluminium with a Mil-Spec, Type III Hardcoat anodized finish, which is what you might find in automotive and aerospace parts.

The cast and cambered grate that comes with your NOMAD Grill also means business, made from ultralight stainless steel that angles in a ‘domed’ shape for extra coal clearance and superior strength & rigidity.NOMAD Grills


It’s safe to say that the NOMAD Grill is 10/10 in the looks department. But how does it stack up in the actual performance of grilling?

It meets all expectations… and beyond. It’s honestly a barbecue breakthrough that any self-asserted cook should get their hands on, whether you’re searing, smoking, baking or barbecuing.

Road testing a dry-aged Scotch fillet from Gary’s Meats, we were a little cautious when firing up the NOMAD for the first time. But low and behold, the whole process – from prep, cook to finish – is as simple as any other cook you would have done previously.

There’s also something to be said about cooking over charcoal briquettes. The taste acquired from a charcoal barbeque is, in our eyes, unparalleled and a taste to savour. The NOMAD Grill only helps to accentuate – and heighten – the flavours you will achieve from this method of cooking.

NOMAD Grills

Cooking with your NOMAD

We asked founders John and Cam what the best ways are to set up your NOMAD Grill and how to get the best out of your new grill…

Man of Style: You’ve ordered your very own NOMAD Grill and it’s just arrived. What’s the best charcoal to use and how do you light it?

John Veatch: We have just launched our new subscription service which gives you a monthly drop of our 100% all-natural charcoal called NOMAD Fire. It hails from Thailand and derives from a dense fruitwood, and is hands-down one of the best combustibles we’ve come across in terms of burning longer & hotter while emitting less smoke and ash. But if you want to start grillin’ immediately, we’d recommend using any sort of commercial-grade charcoal.

Cam Leggett: The best way to a quick start is to use a chimney starter. Once the coals are burning all the way through and covered in ash, you will dump or use tongs to load and arrange across the cook-box fins to maximise airflow. At this point you’re really ready to roll — the grill heats up quickly and is ready for direct or indirect heat.
MoS: Any secret cooking and/or smoking tips you’re willing to share? 

JV: A fan favourite of ours is smoked salmon. Marinade a slab of salmon in a brine overnight. Place 6 well-lit coals to the right side of the cook-box (near the low intake vent) and place the salmon directly on the grate or on a cedar salmon board to the left side — away from the coals. Leave the intake & exhaust vents fully open, then sit back while the deliciousness ensues. Depending on the temp of your grill, salmon will be done in 1.5 to 2 hours.

MoS: Any general tips or tricks for getting the best result each time you use your NOMAD?
  1. Find a safe, stable place to use your grill.
  2. Make sure your coals are fully lit (ashed over) before adding them to the grill.
  3. Have fun. Nothing’s better than experimenting with food & fire!
MoS: What’s the best way to clean your NOMAD Grill?

CL: Cleaning your Nomad is a snap. The outer shell is a Type II anodized aluminium finish, so we recommend a damp sponge along with a couple of drops of mild dish-washing detergent to remove general surface dirt. It’s the same finish that you’d find on a MacBook, so just be sure not to use any sort of harsh chemicals on the exterior shell.

However, the interior cook boxes are die-cast aluminium with a Mil-Spec, Type III Hardcoat anodized finish. Those parts have the same finish found in automotive and aerospace parts, so you could spray those internal cook box parts with a high-pressure rinse (clean-water power wash) with a bit of dish soap there as well.

For more information on NOMAD Grills, please visit the website here. The NOMAD Grill retails for $820 with a flat-rate shipping fee to all major cities in Australia.