Most of us have fond memories of a Mustang. Whether it was admiring them as a child, seeing them in the blockbusters or if you were lucky enough, being able to drive one for the first time.

This year, we were invited to attend the launch of their new, re-tweaked 2018 version in Adelaide, Australia. Upon arriving at the airport, we were greeted with a full fleet of Mustangs in various colours. With our GPS set to the final destination, the Bend Racetrack, we set off, taking the scenic route through Adelaide’s spectacular countryside.

Once arrived, we were briefed in by Carl Widmann, the chief engineer from Mustang, where we had the opportunity to sit down with him one-on-one and talk about this iconic series of car.

Read on below.

What makes a ford mustang so iconic and so distinctive?

It’s the people who desire it. The people who come to the Mustang in search of the experience… which we deliver. It’s the appearance, the stance, how it sounds and how it wraps around the individual. The ability to deliver and be pure, so when you turn it on, it puts a smile on your face.

How has the Mustang changed since ’65?

It has design cues from 65, but it always reinvents itself with what is the ‘style of the time’. What the impression of a sports car is, what freedom is, and what technology is available. If you’ve driven one from the ’65 you’ll know that you cannot drive that car nearly as fast, however at its time, it was the best combination available. The expectations change over time. This year, we’ve got horsepower which was unheard of back then. So in the context, it’s bringing in the technology of the day, both in how we execute it, and the content in the car to deliver an emotional experience. So, we can never make the same car we’ve made, it has to keep moving forward as we’re looking to engage the next generation. That’s why our design team is quite young, as they’re more in touch with their generation.

Where do you think the Mustang is positioned in the market?

The Mustang will always be an emotional purchase decision. It is not a need-based-logical thing. It will always have to draw someone into it. It will always have to have a component that is fun, engaging and stylish to really deliver what is just more than a mode of transportation.

What does the ford mustang represent?

In my mind, it has to all be about the ‘drivers’ experience. It’s freedom, passion, style. Every aspect of the car has to have role has to have a function to deliver that emotion. It’s really got to make it fun to drive, enjoyable to drive… And its gotta be beautiful.

What can we all learn from the Mustang?

”Life is short, you should really just enjoy the trip”


With a starting price of $55,000 and packed full of features, it’s undeniably an incredible car. Heads do turn, ears do go deff. Would we purchase one? Maybe just so. Click here for the full specs.