In today’s saturated market of so-called tailors, fitters and made-to-measure menswear specialists, REMY stands out with a point of difference. His perfection of the style, fit and function of a sartorial garment is paramount – three key aspects every man should abide by when dressing.

Based in Sydney, REMY is perfecting his utilitarian style with a no-fuss approach; it’s made-to-measure tailoring that is made for you, devoid of anything unnecessary.

After years of training with P. Johnson – one of the country’s leading made-to-measure specialists – REMY is now offering his expertise across a wide range of everyday menswear staples. Think suiting, shirting, coats and accessories.

We recently sat down with the apparent enigma that is REMY (his website and Instagram presence are scarce) at The Eighth property by Crema Group to discuss his brand, the menswear industry and the perfect fit.



When talking with the man behind the REMY brand, Remy Ghougassian, it’s clear that he is consumed by menswear; he lives and breathes it, and it translates through his designs.

His knowledge and understanding of textiles, fabrics, fitting and customer service is next to none, and the design of our Dugdale flannel shirt jacket, denim shirt and cotton twill trousers is testament to that.

“I started the REMY brand in the hope to create a full outfit solution for men, with all the garments being made-to-measure,” explains Ghougassian.

“The outfit I made [for Man of Style] is no exception. You have your shirt jacket which is extremely wearable throughout the winter and spring season. The trousers and denim shirt are also staple wardrobe items that can be worn year-round; they’re interchangeable outfits.”



The made-to-measure process at REMY is a simple one at that. There’s no royal oak. There are no leather smoking chairs. And you won’t find decanters of whisky with Sinatra playing in the background. What you get is a nonchalant, one-on-one appointment where Remy will talk you through fabrics, fit and function.

Garments are made in Asia by true artisans in some of the most technologically advanced workshops in the world, using the best possible fibres from expert weavers to create a garment that’s not only exceptional in fit and finish but also in value.

“The premise for REMY was different to what was available at the time; everything I did, I wanted everything to be completely made-to-measure,” says Ghougassian.

“There is a lot of wastage in the [fashion] industry so what we offer negates that. At REMY, the customer can choose everything for their own body and size; everything and anything from half and full canvas, handmade suits; shirts; trousers; and even ties. They are items that are considered, and made entirely for you.”


What’s next?

The future is bright for the REMY brand, as is the growing space in Australia that is tailored menswear; an area that, fundamentally, doesn’t have a massive history in this country.

With the average male becoming aware and more assertive with how he wishes to dress, there’s never been a better time to elevate – or update – your wardrobe with garments that serve a function.

“My approach to my own wardrobe – and in turn, this brand – is paired-down, utilitarian, simplified clothing. Less is more is my opinion,” says Ghougassian.

“Being able to offer my clients the best possible product in the market for the best price has, and always will be, my goal. I want to offer the best possible garments that can be found. The idea behind my brand and what I do is simple, but simplicity is often the hardest thing to achieve, is it not?”


And should you be in for some inspiration but not quite ready to take on the made-to-measure process, these are the pieces Ghougassian can’t live without.

“Every Aussie guy needs a pair of RM’s; they’re simplistic, clean and masculine. The perfect leather penny loafer is also essential. They can be paired down with a cotton chino or paired up with a suit,” explains Ghougassian.

“A white shirt is a non-negotiable, as is a classic navy suit: the quintessence of a man’s wardrobe. And a pair of good quality denim jeans, in my opinion, will never lead you astray.”

To book your consultation appointment with REMY, get in contact here