This November, the prestigious Flemington Racecourse will play host to the 158th Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, which will see an array of local and international stars come together for a week of spectacles, including world-class horse racing and the eclectic events that surround it.

As this year’s Cup Carnival comes trotting in at an alarming rate, many the man will be left off-guard in the attempt to put together a race day outfit. After all, the Spring Racing Carnival isn’t just about the horses.

With eyes not just trackside, it’s crucial that you’re dressed for the occasion, whichever race day you may be attending and wherever you may be; be it the prestigious Birdcage or the all new Club Stand.

We’ve teamed up with HUGO BOSS this year to run through the dress codes for each respective race day, in the attempt to lend a helpful hand to our readers and show you how to best spruce up for the frolicking that awaits.


The first race day to kick-off the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, Derby Day is manic to say the least. With all eyes on Flemington Racecourse, Derby Day is a great way to not only make a good impression in the fashion stakes, but to kick off the week in style with your best black and white-themed getup.

Long associated as the ‘Black and White’ raceday, sticking to this dress code is not only obligatory (for those said Birdcage attendees), but it’s imperative for nailing the theme of the day – and not looking like a loud mess.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom, gents. We’re not saying to dust off your first ever black suit, nor do you need to dress for a black tie extravaganza.

It’s okay to inject a dark navy or grey into the mix and there is slight room to play with the dress code to make it completely your own.

In recent years, you will find gents have usually hit the nail on the head come Derby Day, with charcoal, grey and white becoming a popular go-to over the traditional black suit. Shine a light on these possibilities and ensure you play with subtle accessories that will compliment your overall look (and not take away from it).


Renowned as the race that stops the nation,  the Melbourne Cup is the day to explore all avenues in the fashion department. Go loud and bold, or go home. The Melbourne Cup is the day to play with colours, patterns and fabrics, but ensure to style within reason (we’re pointing to the peacocks out there).

Opt for some colour and put life into your appearance; confidence is key to completely execute your look.

A royal navy suit is always a fantastic option, which can be spruced up with colourful accessories. Stripes are in, whether it be in a suit jacket or shirt, and pastels will be a hit at this year’s carnival!

All eyes are on the men come Cup Day, so with a bit of thought and consideration into your chosen outfits, you’ll be off to a smashing day!


Calling on all of our female readers, this day is for you. Gents, ensure you compliment your lady and/or friends outfits by keeping it neutral but fresh and bright; think pastel colours and floral prints and patterns.

Today is the day to add a splash of pink or aqua to an outfit however subtle it may be. Think suiting separates when deciding on a jacket/pant combination, and don’t be afraid to show off a feminine touch!

A bold, earthy-toned blazer pair back with white chinos will look amazing; add a pastel pink to the shirt or accessories and finish with a pair of TD Moro brogues.


A day to show off a smart-casual look, Stakes Day is relaxed and fun and a chance to express a stylish yet nonchalant  appearance. A day for families first and foremost, ensure that your outfit matches the theme of the day, which is a splash of red (coinciding with the Stakes Day red rose).

Although casual in essence, it’s still important to be well put together, and this means a solid suit, shirt, tie combination finished with a pair of loafers, for example. Chinos are acceptable, but must still be tailored. Linens are very welcome and come highly recommended.

Nautical stripes will look fantastic under a block-coloured suit jacket (think tan, beige or cream), and finish with a bordeaux-coloured tie.

At the end of the day, it takes a little bit of time and effort but putting together your raceday suits should be fun, and should be worn with confidence.

Follow these simple tips above and you’ll be off to a riveting Cup Carnival, both on and off the racecourse.

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