Two words that summarize the East Coast of Tasmania: underexplored and underrated. 

Tight-lipped locals will welcome you with open arms, but don’t expect them to be shouting from the rooftops about how spectacular this region is. And it makes sense. Would you want the hoard of tourists rolling around if you were in their position?   

Known for its pink granite mountain range and off-the-grid white sand beaches, the East Coast of Tasmania is the perfect place for a weekend away. And while wine regions around Australia are equally as beautiful, they pale in comparison to the surrounding areas.

If this article doesn’t get you booking your next weekend escape, well, we don’t know what will. 

What to do in the region 

Wine tasting 

The region isn’t short of stunning wineries, but perhaps nothing more stunning is the Devil’s Corner Cellar Door, nestled against the Moulting Lagoon Reserve. Enjoy a selection of actual award-winning wines (our pick is the Mt Amos Pinot Noir). 

Recently renovated by Cumulus Studio, its natural form and build materials pay homage to Tasmania’s environment, and whether you’re taking up a wine masterclass or sampling wines in the tasting room, it’s the perfect spot to spend a boozy afternoon. 

Devils Corner

Scenic flight

Enjoy a scenic flight over the famed Wineglass Bay in a small 4-seater aircraft, thanks to Freycinet Air . Take in the mesmerising views and pinch yourself when you realize how lucky you are to be there.

Hot tip: due to the positioning of the mountain range, sunrise is far greater than sunset. 

Devils Corner Tasmania

Oyster shucking

Impress your dinner guests at your next soiree by shucking your oysters fresh (without looking like a fool). Eat your weight in oysters while learning about all their complexities, while sipping down a crisp Riesling from Devil’s Corner. 

Devils Corner Tasmania

Outdoor activities 

With plenty of trails to explore, Freycinet is a hiker’s paradise. For semi-fit people, we recommend Mount Amos for sunrise, which gives you an unobstructed view of Wineglass Bay. 

Go for a swim in Wineglass Bay, sun tan on the white sand beaches, rent a kayak or jump on a cruise; there are endless water activities for all adventurers. 

Where to eat

Fishers of Freycinet 

Located inside the grounds of Devil’s Corner Winery, Fisher’s of Freycinet offers Tassie’s finest seafood, serving up a seasonal selection of fresh local oysters, steamed mussels, fish and chips plus more. Sharing is recommended and pairing with a pinot even more so. 

The Bay Restaurant 

Dine outside with the stunning backdrop of Coles Bay or enjoy your meal inside your Freycinet Lodge, too. The Bay Restaurant offers fresh, local produce crafted by quality chefs. Impeccably presented and seasoned to perfection. The food was on the smaller side, so go heavy on the sides. 

Where to stay

There are limited hotels in the region, but we recommend staying at Freycinet Lodge. Accommodation varies inside the lodge, ranging from fairly average to breathtakingly beautiful — so don’t skimp here. You can see this room, heralded the ‘’Coastal Pavilion Bay View‘’, with a stunning outdoor bathtub overlooking Coles Bay. It doesn’t get any better than that. 

While wine regions around Australia will often steal the thunder from Tasmania, we guarantee you won’t regret a trip south. With such an amazing and almost unheard-of experience, it got us pondering the question, how many more places like this are left to explore in Australia?