The Team

Josh Bozin

Content Producer at Man of style, Josh is passionate about all things fashion, travel and lifestyle. Josh loves good company, a spontaneous adventure and all-round good times.

Max Kruse

Creative director

Max is a frequent flyer and lover of all things edible. Rarely seen without a camera in hand, his keen eye for detail and composition will have you questioning whether his shots are real or photoshop.

Samuel Wines

Sam Wines is an Australian International Male Model who has a keen interest in the men’s fashion and lifestyle industry. His knowledge of brands & style was built up over the years of working in the modelling scene and inspired him found ‘Man of Style’ as a creative outlet. If he's not swanning around in a suit, you'll probably find him reading a science article, listening to intellectual debates on YouTube, or trying to explain some elaborate metaphysical concept that he finds enthralling.