The idea of a long-haul flight is not only mentally and physically draining, but it’s a pain in the back side. Whether it’s that dreaded 22-hour leg to London, or that 14-hour direct to LA, it takes a serious toll on you. As regular flyers,  we have accumulated a number of tips for flying long distances.

So read on below on how to make your next journey that little bit better (and hopefully hassle-free).

Departure Airport

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are the first thing that goes into our carry ons and we absolutely swear by the Bose QC35’s. Look at any dapper man in the international departures lounge and we guarantee you they’ll own the same. It goes beyond listening to music; sometimes the noise cancelling feature is enough to simply get you to sleep, with or without music.

Airport Lounges

Depending on your bank, you may be eligible for certain cards. These American Express Altitude Black cards will get you into many airport lounges globally. If you can’t get yourself one of these cards, you can always sign up to Priority Pass – a subscription service will a small annual fee that gives you access to loads of airport lounges globally. Stock up on the fresh fruits and save the heavy meals for when you arrive at your destination.

Airport Lounge
Stay Hydrated

This is the trickiest part. You want to consume enough H2o that you’re sufficiently hydrated, but you don’t want to be going to the toilet every 20 minutes. Normally, downing a big bottle of water on the way to the airport is effective, whilst grabbing another bottle pre boarding. Staying hydrated is vital in beating jet lag.

Picking the Right Seat

When checking in your bags, smile, ask them how their day was, then ask if there are any spare exit row seats. This niceness may score you one. Trust us, it’s happened plenty of times.

The next best option depends if you’re a window or aisle seat person.

If the former, the best aisle seats are in the middle of the plane; and not the left or right sides. This is because the two people on either side of you can exit from the other aisle. Meaning, if you’re on the aisle seat on the left or right side of the plane, over time, someone will need to go to the bathroom or stretch their legs, meaning they’ll wake you up in the process and get you to move. Taking an aisle seat in the middle of the plane reduces the chances as there are two exits to choose from.

If you’re a window person, sitting towards the end of the plane is where the seats go from 3 to 2 people, again, fewer people next to you means less interruptions and better sleep.

Dress the Part

Fellas, you’re reading this because you’re a Man of Style. Please stop dressing like a bum on planes. Flying long distance does not mean you can’t dress well. Opt for slouchy fits with elastic or drawstrings, and save the tailored pants for Milan. We have been flying with these pants from Chad Prom recently and they’re perfect for all climates of travel. Soft loafers or driving shoes are great for long distances as you can easily slip them on and off. Also, be sure to bring a soft cashmere pullover for when it gets chilly in the night.   

Etihad Business Chad Prom


Eyemasks are the key to a good nights rest. There’s nothing worse than some simpleton shining a blinding light on your face in the middle of the night, or opening the shades at the crack of dawn. If you’re serious about your travel (or sleep in general), opt for eye masks like these which are made of silk and are incredibly comfortable. Pair them with your noise cancelling headphones and you’ll be laughing, on cloud nine.


Keeping your skin hydrated during a flight is just as important as all of the previous mentions in this piece. During a flight, dirt, oil and toxins will build up to fester on the skin, should you let it. Using a hydrating facial mask mid-flight, such as La Mer’s Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask,  is essential.

This facial mask is full of La Mer’s renowned Treatment Lotion, which will not only keeping you looking and feeling refreshed, but your skin will thank you for it post-flight.

Carry On

Be sure to always pack a spare set of clothes on carry on. Losing luggage is not as uncommon as you may think. If you’re flying in on a tight deadline and your luggage is lost, you don’t want to be wearing the same clothes you’ve been in for the last 24hours. Think ahead, where will you be when you land? Pack an extra shirt and underwear, as well as a slimmed down version of your toiletries.

Do you have any other travel tips for long hauls? Let us know in the comments.