The story of Tissot and motorsport’s began when a Swiss race car driver named Harry Zweifel sent a signed photograph in 1958, where he had written “Meine Tissot ist an jedem Rennen dabei” (“My Tissot is by my side at every race”). Fast forward to 2022 and we’re at Melbourne’s MotoGP, where Tissot has been the official timekeeper of the series since 2001. 

Celebrating Tissot’s long standing relationship with the MotoGP, Tissot continues its tradition by releasing regular limited-edition watches within the T-Race collection. This year’s edition comes in two versions, the original chronograph and the Marc Marquez version.

Getting hands on with the original chronograph version at the MotoGP, our first impression is that it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. Fitting large on the wrist, the watch is inspired by the frame and parts of motorbikes, with iconic brake-disc bezel, and moto suspensions. The watch builds on that foundation coming housed in a unique motorbike helmet/case, a subtle nod to its roots.

The movement is powered by an ETA G10.212 quartz chronograph and each Tissot T-Race watch is waterproof, up to 100m, so wearers can still be active on and off the bike.

Individually numbered, the watch is 1 of 8000, great for collectors and motorcycling enthusiasts. Priced at $1125 RRP, it represents good value for money. You can purchase the Tissot T-Race MotoGP Chronograph 2022 here.