Finding the perfect backpack is no easy feat.

Too often you’ll end up looking like a teched out geek, or a schoolboy, or even worse, a backpacker. We’re constantly faced with the tradeoff between quality, features, and looks.

However, when we stumbled across Troubadour Goods, we had to get our hands on one. Enter the Generation Slipstream. 

Troubadour Goods Backpack

Troubadour Goods

Troubadour Goods was born out of the same issue we all faced when looking for a backpack – wanting a high quality, understated rucksack, which fits all the essentials and felt comfortable; so whether you’re commuting to the office or exploring Paris, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips; and look good in the process.

The business was founded by Sam and Tim, two ex-finance hotshots from London who shared the same passion for design and form. They noticed a gap in the market and took a risk; never looking back.

“Too often, the bags that we found were too flashy, covered in logos or just generally inappropriate for the workplace,” says Samet. “Alternatively, some bags were very formal, structured, and heavy in a way that seemed out of step with the twenty-first century.”

Troubadour Goods Backpack

Design and aesthetics 

Troubadour’s clean silhouette and design pairs perfectly with any outfit, no matter if it’s your 3-piece suit, or t-shirt and jeans combo. It’s extremely understated, with the only branding featured on the front component of the backpack, almost blending into the leather.

“We wanted bags that we could take into client meetings that didn’t scream ‘this is a $3000 bag’, something less flashy, understated….” says Bail.

Functionality, bells & whistles

The backpack has two major compartments, the first, is quite spacious and features a sleeve which can accommodate your 15” MacBook Pro. The front & smaller section has some elastic compartments to store your pen, phone or any miscellaneous goods you’re prone to lose.

Troubadour Goods Backpack

The backpack is made from a vegetable tanned leather, which, will patina and wear after each use, making it unique to its user. The leather they use is also naturally waterproof, meaning you shouldn’t be concerned if a light drizzle is forecasted – an essential for Melbournians.

The back panel of the rucksack features a cut-out sleeve for your trolley handle, perfect for airport transit. It’s also breathable, keeping you cool on summer days, and features memory foam backstraps that are specifically designed to avoid pressure points, making it uber comfortable for daily use.

Troubadour Goods Backpack


The backpack not only looks good; but feels extremely nice on the shoulders. Extended day trips exploring, or lugging around copious documents should be a breeze.

The fact we can wear this with multiple outfits and it blends in so seamlessly is a huge drawcard. If there’s only 1 backpack you can buy, we think this is the one.

Commitment to quality 

The backpack handmade in Italy by skilled artisans. It has a 5-year warranty (with repairs for life, if possible), a testament to the quality and confidence of their leather goods. No matter what it is, we always aim to buy quality over quantity… Like they always say, buy cheap, buy twice.

Troubadour Goods Backpack

Interested in picking one up? They’re now available online HERE with a moderate price of $895 USD.