Stepping into Waverley Mills is like stepping back in time – a time where craftsmanship and quality reigned supreme. Where things were made proper, where corners weren’t cut and where respect was paid to the craft of textiles. Tucked away behind Launceston on the idyllic banks of Distillery Creek, the mill’s 143-year history continues to reflect the city’s long and iconic manufacturing legacy.

Waverly Mills Australia

From the memories lingering throughout the original buildings themselves to the tin sheds added over time to accommodate industry expansion, this rich history has seen Waverley Mills become a leader in high-quality Australian textile production.

Made in Tasmania and proudly Australian owned, their timeless wool products are beautifully crafted with over 100 years of knowledge and skill poured into each of their luxurious products.

Working with only the finest quality wool, alpaca, and cotton, Waverley Mills embodies true luxury, quality and sustainability. Handcrafted by Tasmania’s most skilled artisans, their dyes are hand mixed by the chief dyer to create unique colours. This vital component lending itself to the creation of the blankets, rugs, throws and scarves that are so iconic to the brand.

The brand’s innovative spirit has ensured their production processes protect and preserve the environment and communities in which they operate – adopting a different approach to production, in which designers, buyers, retailers and consumers are more aware of the impacts of products on workers, communities and their environment. 

”We carefully select our suppliers from local farms, preserving the long-standing relationships in order to pass on the benefits of production to local communities.”

Using only natural fibres, which are biodegradable, recyclable and naturally occurring, Waverley Mills truly showcases their true value for the environment. Steering clear from harmful chemicals and long utilising offcuts from the factory floor, they continue to produce a range of luxurious, quality recycled wool blankets and throws made from unused yarn and recovered materials. 

Through this dedication to ongoing research, innovation and creativity, Waverley Mills truly captures the traditions and quality assurance that once was synonymous with Australian wool products.

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Waverly Mills Australia