With little under a week to go, the 2019 Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo will launch the new year in style, thanks to its idyllic surroundings at Point Nepean National Park in the affluent suburb of Portsea, coupled with the Italian-riviera style the Portsea Polo is synonymous for.

With what was once a sit-down picnic affair, the Portsea Polo is now one of the hottest tickets on the fashion calendar, with attendees leaving nothing behind in the fashion stakes.

Whether you plan on attending the polo as a serious fashion contender, or purely for the fun of it all, it’s still important to plan your look in advance.

This year, the notion of “effortless” is what you will want to strive for; meaning, don’t try to hard, gents! Ditch the ties, lace ups and suit jackets and opt for linen staples, chinos and loafers.

Here are some tips for a successful look to Portsea Polo campaign…

Go Light, Go Linen

Set by the ocean during the peak of summer, you can presume that the polo will be a hot one. There’s nothing like a staple linen shirt, pant or jacket that won’t fix this conundrum, however.

Layer a light linen shirt with a cotton chino, and finish with a linen blazer (if you choose) and a casual tassel loafer, sneaker or driver. As aforementioned, the Portsea Polo encourages a relaxed-chic theme so don’t go with a look that says “I take myself too seriously.” 

Go Bold; Make a Statement

Although relaxed in essence, making a statement by opting for a bold centrepiece – such as a floral blazer –  is not frowned upon.

Mixing a neutral white shirt, tan chino and bold-printed blazer is to be commended.

Ensure the other points of your outfit are kept neutral, and don’t over do it with the accessories. Remember: less is more.

Go with Earth Tones

Warm, earthy tones (think tan, beige, copper and olive) are all the vogue, and prove a fantastic alternative to what you may be otherwise comfortable in.

Not only do these tones look great with a tan (thanks, summer), but they will add a distinctive difference to the hordes that will be flocking in navy and blue.

Shorts are Welcomed

If there’s ever been a time to get the pins out, this is it. The Polo welcomes shorts, partly due to the nature of the high-summer event, and partly due to the relaxed tailoring aspect of the event as a whole.

Opt for chino shorts in white, beige, navy or tan, but ensure they aren’t hugging your thighs – no one wants to see to your nether regions.

Alternatively, linen shorts are a fantastic option. Not only are they lightweight and breathable, but they look great with a linen shirt and casual blazer to match.

Loafers or Drivers

To finish your look, accessorise with appropriate footwear. Loafers are a fantastic option for the polo, be it a penny or a tassel option.

Alternatively, driving shoes will look and feel great! Either style would look great with leather or suede construction, but ensure you protect them as they might get dirty thanks to the polo’s surroundings.

For those fortunate to receive an invite to this year’s Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo, the Alfa Romeo marquee returns to its prime viewing location, bigger and better than previous years.

Associate partner, Stella Artois, will also be back with a European-inspired marquee feature a custom Stella Artois bar where guests can experience the brand’s iconic 4-step Pouring Ritual.

As a must-attend event of the summer social calendar, get in for your tickets now to the 2019 Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo. Tickets are available to purchase now at www.portseapolo.com.au.