For any reasonably sane individual, going through the workday/workweek/work-life without a dose of your favourite coffee is extraordinarily impossible – add the shitstorm that 2020 has thrown our way, and you’re most definitely a coffee addict.

So, your day begins with the perfect (coffee) grind, and your order never changes. Right?

But what if we were to suggest that perhaps, the coffee of your choice is an indication of your personal style?  

It is an interesting – and slightly conjectural – thought, but we have put together a list of the most popular coffee orders and what we think they potentially say about your style.



Ah, so you’re partial to the Italian espresso. What’s evident from all of the espresso drinkers we know is that they are self-professed coffee connoisseurs. They are either of Italian decent and know a thing or two about coffee, or they are simply what we like to call a ‘coffee snob’. Apart from their subtle arrogance, their style game is on point. Meticulous tailoring is evident, and much thought is put into their wardrobe. Versatile styling is apparent, and you can bet they have their staple items down pat for whatever the season brings.

Our favourite Melbourne espresso: Code Black Coffee

Long Black

From dusk until dawn, this person is constantly on the go, and can’t get anything done without their coffee fix. Hard-working? Yes. Particular? You bet. Minimal and simple styling is at the core of their fashion game, taking inspiration from Scandi-hues and refined vibes. It’s all about sleek fashion staples; think neutral tones, minimal pattern and minimal colour (black is their best friend). Generally a straight shooter and likes to get shit done!

Our favourite Melbourne long black: Market Lane


Latte lovers are carefree and friendly and don’t let time dictate their day – a morning brunch meet can roll well into the afternoon. Latte consumers don’t mind a walk to their local anytime after 9am, and love a 20-minute chat with their barista. Normcore can be described as their dressing style, as this individual looks to an outfit that offers a combination of style and comfort in one – the 2020 athleisure scene is one you’ve embraced with open arms!

Our favourite Melbourne latte: Industry Beans


For those after a little less milk, a little more coffee, try a ‘Magic’ (a what?); a typical Melbourne invention. For you Magic fiends, you’ve surpassed the ‘latte’ stage but not coffee-crazy to order anything stronger. This translates to your style game. Although you may have become somewhat adventurous with your wardrobe over the last 12-months, you’re not asserted enough to think that you can pull off *anything. You’re all for an investment piece, and you believe less is more; quality over quantity!

Our favourite Melbourne magic: St Ali Coffee Roasters

Iced Latte

As we head into the warmer months, there’s no doubt many have prioritised their coffee order to reflect the humble ‘iced latte’. Often a trendsetter and somewhat dandy with your styling regime, you’re a person who is up-to-date with the latest fashion news, knows who the creatives are at all the major fashion houses and will never miss the latest issue of your favourite fashion mag. Safe to say that you’re styling is a tad eccentric which mirrors your unique individualism; the classics bore you! 

Our favourite Melbourne iced latte: Ascot Food + Wine 


The Cappuccino is a safe option for you, and you’re unashamed to order an extra sprinkle of chocolate. We’re going to assume that you’re in touch with your own personal style and that translates to how you put yourself together. Think classic looks with simplicity in mind (and a touch of elegance, i.e. subtle accessories to complete an outfit). Your wardrobe is filled with classic, tailored garments, and you usually take some time to put your outfits together. At the end of the day, slow and steady wins the race, right?  

Our favourite Melbourne cappuccino: Second Home


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